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All we seem to see is fragrances taking to the market, our screens, and our shopping habits. From cheaper brands to the unbelievably expensive, we at some time purchase an aftershave or perfume.

But where do you start?

Good Value, a nice smell and a quality brand; that’s the key! 


We love perfume and we are partial to buying aftershaves as gifts. What can we say! Sucker for a smell, sucker for a deal! We walk into shops with a wide range of scents and WITHOUT FAIL we are leaving with one of their products.

It’s instant gratification and it’s consumerism. Universal Levels gets consumed by the colours, the sparkles and the constant reminder that the whole shop is on offer. Deals on this perfume, deals on that aftershave, which one you ask? Well the one that smells nice and is good value.

Universal Levels WILL reluctantly buy a perfume or aftershave at its full price, that is ludicrous!

Please note at this stage, something you will learn about us at Universal Levels is:


Agent Provocateur

One brand that recently has had a lot of publicity for their perfume is Agent Provocateur. A brand that has been around for many, many years. Yet when wearing the recent edition Agent Provocateur, Pure Aphrodisiac Eau De Parfum, compliments flowed. Many said it smelt amazing, “You smell Great, what is that”. I replied “Agent Provocateur” and before I could finish they said “Who’s that” or “What’s that”.

Has everyone just got carried away with Victoria’s Secret?  We can’t say a bad word, we are consumed by ‘The Lace Collection‘.

However take heed that Agent Provocateur is a brand to rate highly. We are not here to say who they are or what their brand represents. But we are here to say that we think their products are Quality.

It’s seems from asking others about Agent Provocateur, the brand has become understated. Consumerism forces us to buy a rappers fragrance or a fragrance of an abuser. Instead established brands, who tailor their fragrances to their mission seem to be going untouched and unnoticed in everyday spends.

Today Universal Levels have tailored a blog to those who want quality at a good price.


Budget you say! Go for one of the below. If you can get hold of it. Top Buy!

As fragrance gets bigger in size so does the price, bare this in mind. However we brought all these three fragrances last year and although we will never buy at RRP, we have noticed a dip in their price. Total and utter bargain! Get one today!

A gift for someone? One of these is ideal. You can pick up each one for approximately £14-25 from reliable retailers. Never buy counterfeit or copy fragrance, they smell like toilet cleaner and you could end up with skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Each one has a unique scent. Now we are in the period of time Universal Levels call “Snuggle Season” or “Baby Making Season” and we surely picked a scent to suit. Aphrodisiac is one of the newest Agent Provocateur fragrances,  retailing around £65.

As we said the brand seems understated in the fragrance industry. But if we were to take it back to their earlier fragrances you are “winning” when you buy. Consumerism at its finest, buy it at a good price and don’t be disappointed.

Our Agent Provocateur Fragrance notes of caution:

* When buying in store, don’t even attempt to smell them all at one time. Overkill. Overpowering. It will just be too much.
* You can get different bottle editions, which include slight changes. We love to buy the premium editions as gifts but for ourselves we go for best value.
* We at Universal Levels only wear it for ‘occasions’, to be blunt bedroom antics, dates or to lure attraction from a partner. Agent Provocateur link business together very well; sexual perfumes with sexual underwear. All quality items but with an agenda and a purpose. The departments coordinate closely and creates a defined brand.


Petale Noir

For either your benefit or someone else’s, below we have given you our brief opinion on each scent.

– Agent Provocateur – Agent Provocateur

.Instant thought. Baby Powder and Linen.

Great buy for anyone who likes a clean and fresh perfume. Between Subtle and Loud.

– Agent Provocateur – Petale Noir

Musky, Dark and Rich. 100 Roses.

Great buy for anyone who likes a loud perfume.

-Agent Provocateur -Maitresse

Smells like how gold would smell if it had a smell. Warm, smooth and Subtle.

Great buy for anyone who likes a more understated perfume. Floral.





We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Stay linked to us for the latest. Think First Thursdays coming to you with some grub.


We would also like to say “Agent Provocateur, if you get to read this, thank you for many years of consumerism joy. Your brand has developed and grown at its own course. Those who know about the brand, well they know. Luxury fragrance at its finest and the earlier editions at such a low cost.”
Lastly, we can’t forget say thanks to Ann Summers. Great deals, wide range and superb sales or promotions.



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