Shall we board the Yacht or have Pizza & Popcorn? Canary Wharf, London Nights Out!

Universal Levels dined in two venues on a Tuesday night. We would like to give you our recommendation as an option for a Night Out.

Universal Levels will go back to Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf, because our whole consumer experience (plus more) was appealed to.


Universal Levels Night Out Recommendation

Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf

Crossrail Place Level 2, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AR

Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf.

‘Think First Thursday’s’

We left another restaurant and some of our party still needed to eat. The chance of food at that time was in a different direction so we started to walk. Along our way, we were drawn into a large, glass building. The artwork inside was amazing. We realised that there was a cinema inside. We were only aware of a larger chain of cinemas being present in this area so we decided to look. Walking down the escalators you are greeted with a quirky ambience. A fresh and light energy, and very calm.

We entered the Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf and it was empty, we asked about buying food and the staff advised that they will be closing the kitchen in 30 minutes. Yet, they were not despondent, they were more than happy to accommodate us. We chose our food From The Kitchen and ordered some popcorn. You could smell the Popcorn from the roadside, so fresh, maybe that’s what lured us into the building. Ordering soft drinks, alcohol, popcorn and bar bites, we were happy with our choice of venue for the remainder of our evening.

Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf has a décor which is unique. Make sure you have your camera, you can capture some impressive memories in here. Each table is presented with related information and menus. A great deal of attention has been given to their setting. It’s refreshing to visit an immaculate place and sit with ease. We were given our smooth tasting Mojitos and Fruit Juice (for the drivers). Following this the staff appeared with our Margarita Pizza and Mozzarella Garlic Bread. This was extremely good value for the quality and size. Compliments to the chef.

We could relax without any pressure or time restrictions; this is nice to see in a built-up area. We finished our stay but prior to leaving had to look at their cinema screens. WOW! Great, Niche. Comfortable seating and the ability to integrate dining and viewing. Enquire with the venue for more details.

Amongst the above we must state that the staff working that night were brilliant. Friendly and accommodating; we received such a warm welcome. They were very informative regarding how we could plan our next visit. Our stay was blissful even when other customers entered the building the ambience stayed the same.


Great Food, Nice drinks, Excellent Staff.

Good Value for Money for the area it is located.

Cosy place to chill out, enjoy with friends and family. Good Date Night Venue.

Luxury Cinema in an inviting setting; larger, premium seating.

We are going to visit again and watch a film; we will update you about this experience in the near future.

Universal Levels suggest this venue, Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf, as a part of your 2017 plans.


Weekday entertainment and socialising is serener in Canary Wharf. Dependent on the time you arrive you will mingle with business men, business women, shoppers, tourists and everyone has a purpose. A little later into the evening many people are drinking, dining or taking pictures of the view.
After 10pm the area becomes ‘Canary Wharf After Dark’ a setting silent and mysterious. At this time you can really take in the areas attractiveness. You can pick up pace if you are in a hurry, yet if you want a romantic stroll there are some suburb spots. Canary Wharf is worth visiting Christmas 2017. Their 2016 display ‘Winter Lights’ was peaceful and a calming walk through. ‘Winter Lights’ is somewhere to take a moment to reflect on life. Listen to the water, watch the lights and take even just five minutes to yourself. Beautiful settings.


Universal Levels would advise you to find further information on the area , Canary Wharf,



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