5 Tips on Decluttering after Christmas & The New Year. Just in time for your January Clear Out or The Big Spring Clean.

Our S**T (AKA ‘ST’) List will always represent a list created by impulse. Each week Universal levels throw ideas into a hat and we pick one. This is what we write for you.

This week we could not have picked a more apt subject, ‘Decluttering’. This is a subject of ST; ST you have stored in your cupboards or ST occurring with your partner because you haven’t decluttered the ST. Whichever way you look at the subject matter, Decluttering is something you love or hate. We at Universal Levels have clear views on clutter and we have been throwing out the old. As such we want to give you our advice.


Five tips to help you declutter your home after the seasonal festivities

  1. We recommend you change the layout of your space at least once a year. We at Universal Levels arrange our homes and offices twice a year. Whether it is changing the position of our furniture or getting rid of everything and starting again. We believe by changing our living or working environments, every year, we are promoting a better wellbeing. Choose key rooms you function in daily; if they haven’t been altered in a while then now is the time.
  2. Work out exactly what you want to declutter in your space. Stand in middle of the room you want to change and absorb how the room will look completed. Work out your furniture by size; if you haven’t got a tape measure use your feet. Count the size of the item by walking its length or width and measure this against the space you want to move it to. Using your feet should give a rough measurement guide. Utilise space efficiently to create a new energy in your environment. At this point in change you may want to buy new accessories for your home or transform your feature wall.
  3. Now you know what you want to do, the next step is to get yourself prepared. That old saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, Universal Levels deem this as true. If you live minimal you may not need a lot of preparation tools. You will need the cleaning essentials and a few bin bags. If you like a heavily decorated home or tend to hold on to belongings, you will need some extra tools including the relevant cleaning materials. You may need some help, if so arrange someone to assist you. You should also invest in setting aside some time to sell any belongings you don’t need. You are sitting on currency. If it can’t be sold or given to charity, then you should throw it away. If you have too much paperwork, get rid of that ST if it’s outdated and file that ST to stay organised. Bin bags are an essential.
  4. Change your room section by section and logically approach each task. Create a relaxed environment to work in; background noise such as music is sometimes helpful or maybe watch a boot sale programme for motivation. Remember to be safety conscious. Lifting heavy loads can cause health implications. If you cannot move or lift something, ask for help. Do not feel frustrated if something doesn’t seem to go to plan. It will all slip into place and if it does not you will surely find another possibility. You are prepared for this declutter, enjoy it. Universal Levels suggest that you give yourself enough time for the job to be completed.
  5. Once you have decluttered your space and you feel it is how you want it, immediately use the space. Take some time to appreciate the hard work you have put into this change. Be proud of yourself. You have let go of ST, belongings and the energy you previously had in that environment. Universal Levels recommends adding a memento to the room to remind you of your diligence. You could use this as a self-help tool to stay motivated in your daily tasks. You may have supported a charity shop by giving them some of your old items, this is a fulfilling feeling. If you have sold some belongings, do not waste your money; put it towards creating memories. You are rewarding yourself with moments which will resonate in your energy. Love your new environment and we hope you feel a personal balance as we do each time we declutter.

thumbnail_image2 Drink Champagne and relax in your new space, may it be a positive enviroment for you.


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