If we were to ask you “How can you stop using dead animals in your daily life?” Would your automatic thought be to stop eating one of these?

We hear social topics of discussion based on the consumption of animals or the use of animals in our products. From food to clothing; many of us will consume animals, wear animals or buy animal tested products. Many more people are turning away from this. Milk seems to be a common change and the stigma about ‘How our food is made’ is ever growing. But why is it people seem to automatically change their diet? Bear in mind abrupt changes to your diet can create health problems, rather than be a benefit. Seek a dietician if you wish to dramatically change your diet. There are other ways to decrease animal usage in your life. Our Merchant Monday’s article hopes to highlight one way.


Discussing the topic of Veganism over our lunch, some of us at Universal Levels gained further knowledge relating to today’s fashion. The question asked from a meat-eater was “So, your shoes, are they not leather?” and a vegan replied “No!”. Shock spread across our office, “what do you mean?”. What was meant was exactly that, No. No, they are not leather nor made from any animal. Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co. help to cater for those wanting to maintain their ethical code. Universal Levels lunchtime discussion was fixated with this brand. The fact that we could honourably alter our fashion was a bonus. Some of us struggle with modifying our food habits and we already use related grooming products. Nonetheless, brands like Will’s Vegan Shoes also allows us to have an impact with our style.

Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co. is a London Brand established in 2012.  A relatively new brand thus a reason why some of us were unaware of it. Universal Levels are accustomed to wearing the usual high top boot stamped with a tree emblem. Admittedly these boots maintain their wear yet controversy conflicts our morals. We are too familiar buying £25 boots from a local high street store; these usually only last one season. Yet with Will’s Vegan Shoes you are receiving a lot more than a pair of shoes. Universal Levels are in admiration. We admire the Company and its founder, Will Green. To note their products are very competitively priced. If you were to compare this brand to larger brands, you would see by buying Will’s Vegan Shoes you are receiving a small saving.

Meat-eaters at Universal Levels have created their shopping wish list for payday; what they will buy from this brand. We will be buying from this store and we feel a sense of supporting a cause. We may not adhere to this cause with our food, yet it is a change. Small changes create big movements. One Vegan colleague has inspired us and now we have added this brand to our ‘Must Haves’. An example of one pair we will buy is Wills Women’s Dock Boots. These resemble the tree emblem boots previously discussed. When we purchase a pair of these Dock Boots we hope to have an added self-satisfaction per spend. Not only do we rid ourselves from the previous brands controversy but we are supporting a local business in addition to helping our world.

Will’s Vegan Shoes have created stylish ranges to suit everyday occasions. The ability to buy ethical style is still a rarity but is becoming more familiar. Universal Levels found that the general knowledge of brands such as Wills Vegan Shoes should be increased. Shopper exclusivity is given from these brands to us, the customer. They have tailored, personalised and customised the products sold. The shoes you wear have not been flung out of a warehouse and they will not be ill fitting. You will be making a statement. A statement to yourself, others and the world we live in. Is leather necessary?


Customer feedback given about Wills Vegan Shoes & boots

  • Always complimented on appearance and style
  • Comfortable. (Well that is what you want to hear!)
  • Strong and durable.
  • Hard Wearing and last a long time
  • Good range of products; accommodates to fashion trends.

We at Universal Levels adore Wills Vegan Shoes. Now we all have a brand awareness, they are a business to follow and buy into. The brand has a good Mission Statement and the business is revolutionary to a better living environment. We’re Sold!

Buy online or in store
207 Regent Street, London
hshshsUniversal Levels are a diverse team and we do our best to help our environment.

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