The biggest merchant deals we will encounter and we have no control. Dear Ms May, cc: Mr Trump,

Dear Ms May, 

cc: Mr Trump

We at Universal Levels write to you ONLY speaking for ourselves. We are not representatives of any political movements. We are simply people who make life work even against all odds. The odds which we think you could make better but we are left to struggle.

Collectively Universal Levels do not discuss politics. As such we will not go into any political stance, simply what we think. So in this current day of USA and their new leader ‘Tailored Trump‘. Let us not forget the UK, ‘May or May Not‘ an alias we have for you, our negotiator. We had to deliver on content in relation to our lifestyle.

This letter posted on our Website highlights six questions we would like answered. May Or May Not as you you stand in charge of us, we directly ask you. However Tailored Trump you have said you want to trade with us, so would you also answer these? If either of you need to take time and consult all governments for in depth answers we are happy to wait. We understand that you all overtly disagree but covertly stand united.

Univeral Levels Six Questions:

1. We are aware of your technology and how you have openly integrated this into our lives. Is there ever going to be a point you stop introducing this? In light of this, what year will we be living like The Jetsons? We would like to have the dates so we can sell our materialistic belongings. After all we will not need our Diesel 63 plate Mercedes if our cars will drive themselves.

2. May or May Not, you are claiming that Tailored Trump will respect women when he meets you.We want to know why you feel powerful with this statement? After all you will not appeal to his sexual desire so most of his brain will immediately switch off. Would you care to let us to give you a makeover prior to this meeting? We feel this is in the best interest of our country.

3. Could you ALL stop playing with neuclear weapons? Wasn’t Scalextric good enough for you as a child? Or were you the child that played with Bunsen Burners and voodoo dolls. Come on now, we don’t want to die. We know you may sacrifice each other, that’s your thing, but if you want to play with war weapons could you go elsewhere? Haven’t you got a planet you at building on? Test them out on that.

4. You speak of the people in your country; keep it British and keep it American. So if that’s the case is the a chance you could give us all a token of our loyalty. An example our parents worked and paid taxes; now they are either ill or dead. We, their children, have been left to grow in a world that you didn’t experience. You experience it now with money, your houses, your wealth. But us, we experience it as if we are climbing a ladder that has unstable steps. Any minute as we climb up, the step will break and we either fall or hold on. So how about if we are British by birth could you possibly give us help. Could you give us a lump sum? £5000 per person? Give us a reward for standing behind what we cannot control. Also do not give it to us and increase another tax or payment.

5. Could you stop portraying foreign people in such a derogatory manner? Whilst you sit on your sofa your citizens are at war. You create this and we live it. Let’s say terrorism, the word is boring now. The scandals are always exposed but it’s too late when the damage is done. Why should we walk in fear of our words? You can get arrested for hate crime because you have aggro with different race. Fair play if you say a racial term, but if you just call them a C**T because of their actions, well it’s not hate crime, it is because they were a C**T. We walk looking over our shoulders or looking down at others.

6. Finally, can you just sort our country out? You stand on too much money, corrupt bloodlines and illusions. The more you lie to us the more will happen. You want this to happen. You want us to die because of poverty conditions. You want us to fight. You want us to go to prison. Young girls are being groomed by media,  men are losing their skills and masculinity , women stay assertive or aggressive and an increase in sex changes. People live against or for religion but never feel fully satisfied by their choice. They seek answers and we all seek answers.

If you told the people, us, what you knew, we could help our country. Leave us blind, like the only way you know how, we will fail. Create a culture of sharing and working together; share knowledge. Don’t stand divided. Wealth will not save us unless we are in your society.

We have many more questions for you yet six is enough for this letter. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and have a response to our questions.


Kind Regards

Universal Levels


We do not like to buy things that are not quality. When we shop we negotiate good deals. We understand the other party has to reap a benefit, but so do we. People stand behind people, so to make it work, you need to think about your people.



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