Where to eat? Let us visit Kent for some Dim Sum and Carrot Juice @misonoodlebar #kent


As we are fast approaching Valentines Day, going out is a key subject on our list. We, Universal Levels, are a team who prepare for Valentines Day. We have had numerous discussions about what theatre show to see or where to eat. One of the team recently took us for a meal in Beckenham, Kent. It was a quick stop off, after a liquid lunch with the aim to get in some carbs and sober us up.  We visited Miso Noodle Bar. Some of us at Universal Levels have visited Miso since their launch in 1999. So we felt it was fitting to support their brand and business in Think First Thursdays.

If you know South London and Kent you may remember the chain Tai Won Mein, there are still a few of these remaining. Miso at first feels very similar in regards to seating and table layout. The same Wagamama style of seating designed for speed of service. Unlike many of these fast service restaurants Miso operates differently. They appeal to customer service and are happy for you to take your time. We have never felt pressured or rushed to have to leave. To be honest we think they are happy for you to continue to buy their slightly expensive soft drinks or wine.

Miso Noodle Bar is classed a Pan Asian Cuisine. To the average Joe, Chinese or Thai food; we would say closer to Chinese food. They operate four restaurants based in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon and their latest restaurant in Orpington. Their customer service is exceptional and they will assist you with anything you may need. If you want to know more information about a meal, ask a staff member. They are helpful and friendly; they want you to enjoy your meal. We do not scrimp when we visit Miso, rather we treat ourselves. A mellow setting and the ability to relax. We opt for sides, mains, drinks and deserts.


Universal Levels Hints & Tips for Dining at Miso Noodle Bar

  • You can visit Miso for a quick lunch, a special occasion or for a meal prior to a night out.
  • Miso is quick service food but it is good quality. The food served is always cooked fresh. It is possible to edit your meal to suffice any dietary requirements.
  • Sides are delightful. We suggest you save room for these and your meal. Also if you like a doggy bag, Miso is your place; we always leave with one when we visit.
  • Universal Levels suggest that if  you are not that hungry then jump straight to the mains. Miso main courses are large and you will leave satisfied.
  • Prices may seem high but it is worth it. Quality food for a good price alongside reputable customer service. Prices could be compared to a large McDonalds meal. Universal Levels will always choose to spend our money in Miso rather than MackieD’s.
  • Miso is available for takeaway and Deliveroo. We advise calling up for your takeaway so you don’t have to wait for too long. Parking is not the greatest yet if you call up you may be able to judge it right you may be able to pull up close or outside. Stop for a minute and collect your meal, but be prepared to dash before you get caught by a parking enforcement officer. We advise to park properly as you don’t want a parking ticket for a £20 takeaway. You are also able to order your food ready for Lunch. So if you fancy a hearty meal on your lunch break Miso is a great choice.
  • All soft drinks are quality, including the water. Fruit juices are freshly made and we recommend the carrot juice.
  • Miso sell merchandise, so if you wish to take a memento home you can buy sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball caps.


Universal Levels want to thank Miso Noodle Bar for serving us with a smile and always accommodating our needs. We think your food is great and hope that your continue to grow as a chain.

For more information please visit www.misonoodlebar.co.uk


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