S**T didn’t we tell you we have watched EVERY YouTube Conspiracy Theory going (Top 7 Theories)

Universal Levels have picked ‘Conspiracy Theories’ for this weeks Saturday S**T List. We don’t wish to tread on anyone’s toes with this subject. It is merely light-hearted and could be referred to as jest. However an old saying “Many A True Word Said In Jest” could be apparent in some of what we write.

Our Top Seven Conspiracy Theories


1: The End Of The World Is Now

Well, following the meeting between Mrs May and Mr Trump this could be true. War, Weapons, Russia, Isis; combat war and terror. Let us hope setting off a nuclear weapon is not in their plans. ‘The End Of The World’ is something many religions seem to be discussing. In biblical scriptures it states ‘The End Of The World’ signs we should watch out for. Many believe we are seeing these signs now.

2. Reptilians

Reptile Aliens who are able to shift into human form; they are not here for good purposes but they promote evil. They are dominating the human race and they have been authorised to do so by the Government. The government are using these species to manage and maintain corruption. These aliens are walking amongst us and are usually those in power. If you have a child attending Primary School we ask you to find out what they are being taught. Is it aliens?

3. MK Ultra

Brainwashing and Mind Control. They say Conor McGregor is a perfect example of MK Ultra. One video shows him on YouTube but could it just be editing? We will watch the rise of a star, they defeat odds in their industry and follow suit to earn large sums of money. They become a role model and are specifically designed to target certain people in society. Does MK Ultra exist? It does to the CIA. After all they cannot have public figures speaking as Eminem once did. Surely the CIA can banish these Ultra Slaves that are disobedient? Maybe they should bring the naughty celebs to a secret HQ and let them leave the next morning as a clone?

4. Flat Earth Theory

The earth is flat. That’s it to be honest. Instead of the world being a sphere, the world is a flat disc. NASA have created a Round World Illusion for us in addition to gravity being a myth. It is said we are living in a hub, an enclosed dome. Is our world a large version of the O2 in Greenwich? Maybe that’s why we were forced to watch Teletubbies? This theory is also disregarded by many. Those who believe the world is round discuss time zones, the moon and other reasons as to why Flat Earth Theory is incorrect. Flat or Round, we request anyone who has hard evidence to come forward.

5. Abortion Statistics

Prior to the embryo being formed, you can find out you are pregnant. It will show on a test. You have to wait until the pregnancy turns into an embryo before you can take an Abortion Pill. In a world of pills and drugs you can take a pill to stop the pregnancy happening, you can also take one to kill an embryo yet when you are pregnant without an embryo there is nothing to stop this process. Is it easier for statistics to make a woman wait until the embryo is formed? Does it boost abortion rates? After all if there was a pill to cancel out the pregnancy prior to an embryo forming would it still be classed as abortion?

6. Plastic Food

Our fruits and vegetables are made of Plastic. They are created with chemicals and manufactured to look and taste the same as organic vegetables. With the rise in population and disturbances in our weather we cannot produce enough food. As such food is being created in Labs and is manufactured across the world. Shops who buy in bulk and buy cheaply benefit from this manufacturing process.

7. The Simpsons

The Simpsons has shown major world events prior to them happening. The Simpsons is one of the longest running cartoons with adult subliminal content. How would they know what was going to happen? Are the owned and run by the small elite that control us all.


We are controlled by more than what we are told and by more than what we can see. Unless you are fully informed we suggest you focus on here and now. We want you to read and inform yourself. Those who claim to be knowledgeable yet have only ever watched YouTube videos, we advise you visit your local library and read. Head to Google, pick up books, read newspaper articles and analyse. One thing to note, do not become consumed. If you have lived without knowing, continue to live with this freedom knowing what you now know. Unless we all stand together to fight against what is wrong in our world, we will not win on only our solo efforts.









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