Currency, Hustles and Luxe. A little money goes a long way in Forge.

Universal Levels want to assist with your lifestyle. Think First Thursday’s promotes places to go out. Is it a night out you want or something for the daytime? Every week we will post our top place to visit. 



Forge, 24 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND

Day or Night the ambience of this venue is soothing. You feel as if you are in a secret luxury resort. Stepping in from the bustle of  the streets and the hustles of London, we love Forge. Universal Levels pounded the streets of London, zig zag footwork and avoiding the ‘glued to smartphone’ pedestrians. If we then discuss the London traffic, you are amongst the city. So to enter a venue that is peaceful, serene and calm is a nice feature. At night this venue is still alive with energy and luxe.

Why we recommend this venue: 

  • Staff at this venue are pleasant and friendly. They are helpful and as a customer you feel welcome. Staff are clean, smartly dressed and have a polite etiquette.
  • The food is great. You can have light bites or a full meal. Whichever you fancy you won’t be disappointed. The prices are very low for the quality of your food. For example half a chicken, chips, slaw and corn is £11.50. A little more than the usual chicken diner, however we prefer eating at Forge.
  • The drinks selection and quality is good. Reasonable prices is comparison to some London sites. We like to make an occasion when we visit. This way we feel satisfied with our spends and feel an extra added value to our visit. On a Monday you can buy a £15 for a bottle of Prosecco. Universal Levels feel this is a Merchant Monday’s deal. Also Forge offers 2 for 1 cocktails everyday between 5-7pm.
  • They hold different events, each one caters for consumer enjoyment and a memorable evening. You can also hire the space for events. Closing times differ dependant on the day you visit. Universal Levels always advise booking to go out. This way you are secure in your visit going ahead. Forge make this easy, access their website for more details.
  • Forge Champagne Towers; one for you to discuss and enjoy amongst your friends.
  • You can tailor your visit dependant on time. If you want a quieter visit we don’t suggest going there on Friday night. It is like anywhere in London; the closer it is to the weekend, the busier the venues are. Every time we have visited we find the surrounding company pleasurable.
  • There is no official smoking area, thus smoking takes place on the street. Universal Levels noticed that our smokers intake less when visiting this venue. Winning for our teams health, the environment, our street cleaners and hopefully there is less bin fires.


Universal Levels hope you enjoy your visit to Forge. Do not only visit once, but visit a few times to see the diversity of the venue. One day have a lunch date and then another day visit and let your hair down. We thank Forge for attending to us when we have visited. We will always return; your hospitality is superb.


For more information about Forge please visit their website:



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