The Day of Lurve is soon approaching; don’t be stung by the expensive price tags. Buy with Love…

Universal Levels Reminder: Valentines Day

Valentines Day 2017 falls on Tuesday 14th February

Don’t be that Partner who runs to the petrol garage at 8am on the morning of Lovers Day. Universal Levels know that you will end up with a rubbish gift and tattered flowers. If you love your Beau then put in the effort. It will save you stress and you may even receive Brownie Points as your gift last year was a little pants. Thanks to us and our ‘Merchant Monday’s’ we will be giving you a few Shopping Ideas. Cupid will be proud of you, so give it some thought.

Below we have detailed a number of Hot Deals for Valentines Day. We do not work in conjunction with any Brands or Shops, as such we cannot guarantee the stock level of these items.

  • Champagne Gifts
    • Waitrose has a selection of wines and champagnes on promotion. Team these up with a box of their Champagne Truffles and you are onto a winner. Waitrose has a few options for Champagne Truffles; these range from £5.99-£9.20. We adore their own brand Ultimate Champagne Truffles for £6.39, this includes a discount of £1.60 as they are on a 20% off offer. These truffles are combined with two types of Champagne; Champagne Brut N.V and Marc de Champagne. Waitrose are also offering Charbonnel Et Walker Truffles for £9.20; a saving of £2.30 as these are also in the 20% off promotion. As for their Champagne offers, Waitrose is selling one Pink Boxed bottle of Lanson Brut Rose, 75cl, for £25; a saving of £10. Waitrose also have their own branded Champagne on offer; one we recommend is Waitrose Brut NV Champagne; with 25% off you can buy this at a mere £8.24.
    • Sainsburys are our leaders for good priced alcohol. Currently you can buy Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose Non Vintage Champagne for £31.00; a saving of £9.00. You can pick up Belgian Champagne Truffles, Taste The Difference, 140g, for a low price of £5.00. These truffles are also made with a Marc de Champagne truffle centre. Sainsburys are offering a Lanson Champagne Rose Label Brut, 20cl, & Flute Gift Box. This item is priced at £15.00 and is a lovely gift for a pink lady.
  • Chocolate Gifts
    • Waitrose, as discussed briefly above, has a great selection of quality chocolates. Many are on a special promotional offer as such the savings are an added bonus. Butlers Artisan Collection, 310g, has 20% off with a saving of £2.00; you can pick these up for £7.99. Their chocolate range includes champagne, salted caramel, mixed selection, lollypops, hearts, the good old Ferrero Rocher and much more.
    • Sainsburys have a number of £1 chocolate gifts. For a pound you can buy 18g Chocolate Rose, 77g Box of Chocolate Hearts or a Red Heart Chocolate Lollypop. If chocolate isn’t your lovers thing, then Sainsburys also have a Valentines Sweets Set of 6 for £12.00.
  • Nick Knack Gifts
    • Waitrose do not have the biggest range. However they have some lovely candles which can be a delightful gift. For £9.00 you can buy a Lily Flame Three Wick Candle. Waitrose stock His/Hers mugs and also sell a small selection of cute trinkets. We advise to look at the Waitrose’s Own Brand of Skincare product; mix and match a few of these items and you will have a great gift.
    • Sainsburys are selling a number of novelty cups and mugs. These start from £3.50 and they are a great additional gift. Her Ladyship/His Lordship Mugs are selling for £4.50 each. For £10.00 you can buy a novelty mug set; these are a set of two interlocking cups. Want a teddy bear? Well Sainsburys will always have a good selection of bears and cuddly toys
  • Flower Gifts
    • We recommend supporting local florists when it comes to buying flowers. We feel that it is more personal and you can really go to town with your choice. It is like personal shopping for flowers. Speak to your florist about colours, styles and what you want. We feel you will walk away with a bespoke bunch of flowers.
    • Waitrose have an online range. As long as your order is in by 4pm on Monday 13th February then you will receive your flowers for the next day. We love their My True Love Bouquet for £65.
    • Sainsburys have a selection of flowers you can order online or buy in store. We adore their Valentines Luxury Gift Rose for £10. They also have a Valentines Lucky Heart Plant (A money plant leaf in the shape of a heart) for £3.50.


Other retailers are stacking their shops with red, pick, his and hers and anything Valentines. Tesco have a good online range. You can shop lingerie, gift experiences, quirky gifts and more. Tesco use partners, as such their selection is larger than most.

  • Tesco
    • Two Nights for the Price of One Hotel Break – UK Wide — 10% off now £89.09
    • Segway Rally for Two save 15% — Now £50.14
    • Lamborghini and Aston Martin Driving Blast save 10% — Now £53.09


John Lewis are also winners in the Valentines Day Showdown. They have luxury items for sale and you are bound to find a unique/alternative to normal high street gifts.

  • John Lewis
    • Hotel Chocolate ‘Love From?, Milk Chocolate Pillow, 25g  – – £2.50
    • ‘With Love’ Hamper – – £50.00
    • Godiva Coeur Iconique Chocolate Box, 150g – – £21.00
    • Charbonnel Et Walker Handbag and Heels Dark Chocolate, 60g — £6.50
    • Montblanc Meisterstuck Round Stainless Steel Cufflinks, Silver — £175.00
    • Mens John Lewis Heart Socks, Pack of 2, One Size, Black/Red — £8.00
    • Vera Wang for Wedgewood Love Knots Flutes, Set of 2 — £55.00
    • Vive Le Color! Hearts Colouring Book — £8.00


Universal Levels advise you to buy with your heart. Do not rush your purchase. There is no point buying a gift with no emotional substance, as it will most probably gather dust in a cupboard. Do your research on the person you are buying for; can they drink alcohol or do they even like chocolate? Get on the internet and get in the shops; look for the deals. We all know, like every occasion, Valentines gifts will reduced the next day. However the retailers are offering some bargains that might be missed if you don’t buy before the 14th.

Good Luck and Thank You for Reading



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