This Valentines you can’t get a booking in your Trendy Italian, then the Indian is fully booked, no stress let us go to the pub…


Universal Levels are aware that many people may not be able to visit there local Niche restaurant over this upcoming week. When Valentines Day falls midweek we see a surge of restaurant bookings the weekend before and after. As such this weekend could prove to be busy as it is the closet weekend to the day of Love. Some of us have booked into our Trendy dining spots but then others have opted for good old chain food. As such we have brought you our Three Best MPO’s to dine at this Valentines.


MPO’s (Multiple Pub Operators)

Universal Levels say that these type of venues are hit and miss. JD Wetherspoon and Stonegate operate continuity in their sites. As such if you receive a poor service it is probably the fault of the staff. Food Quality is also dependant on the site you visit. A MPO such as Charles Wells, Enterprise Inns and Thorley Taverns will operate their sites differently. No two venues operate the same and when visiting these sites you may see differences. Do not be alarmed, these MPO’s do not intend to be JD Wetherspoon or Stonegate.

When visiting a MPO there is a level of quality and customer service. The experience you receive is what a Pub Operator wants you to receive. They design their venues for customer pleasure. As such there can be a variety in MPO venues dependant on the area they are located.  We recommend reading reviews on the pub you want to visit. The likelihood is it will give you a reflection of what to expect. For example, some areas have more than one site and we feel that usually the service/quality differs; one is better than the other. Call and book ahead of your visit. Chain Pubs are busy and around times of occasions they become busier. You do not want to be disappointed, so book early and arrive a minimum of ten minutes before your book. This way you can be seated without rushing.


JD Wetherspoon

JD Wetherspoon is an MPO for a quick meal on a budget. If you are familiar with these pubs you will know for under £15 you are likely to receive a meal, drink and even a desert. We are selective when dining in these venues. We choose certain times, as we are aware that the demand for this food service can prove popular. JD Wetherspoon are also promoting gift cards for Valentines; maybe that’s a gift idea sorted. We recommend The Dragon Inn, Birmingham, UK. We ate here recently and the food was good value. We also found that it was cooked better than some of the JD Wetherspoon sites we have previously visited.


Stonegate Pubs have a number of venues. They have created different themed venues to cater for us all. You are bound to find what you want if you visit one of their sites. We compare Stonegate’s Slug & Lettuce or Yates to JD Wetherspoon. They similarly have quick service, great value, easy serve food and drink options. If you want something a little bit more traditional opt for Stonegate’s Proper Pubs or Classic Inns. For a twist or trendy option then visit their Common Room sites; we are a fan of these. They have a modern feel and a suited to what we need. We recommend The Penny Theatre, Canterbury, UK. They have bubbly staff who will accommodate for your drink and food needs.


Charles Wells Pubs have venues located across the country and even out in France. With over 200 pubs you can filter your search to find what you want. We recommend The Castle, Bedford, UK. This venue is a Hotel and Pub/Restaurant. The venue has a friendly ambience and you feel very comfortable. The food is quality and well cooked. Charles Wells Pubs have in our experience have friendly owners. Each site is different and operates as an independent venue. As such do not expect the same continuity that you have with the other MPO’s. However Charles Wells Pubs promotes excellent experiences and good people.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Maybe you may consider a Pub rather than a restaurant this Valentines day.



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