Flesh Eating Jealousy… Don’t go as far as John Doe did in the film, Seven. Cleanse yourself. Keep away from toxic people & evil emotions…

Universal Levels topic for this weeks Saturday S**T List may relate to many of you. The topic of discussion is Jealousy/Envy. We have listed two personal examples of this topic. To conclude you can read our Six Steps to Stop Envious Reactions.

It is not good to be a jealous person. Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, a sin of flesh.

Saturday S**T List

Example One

Jealously is a trait that many people possess. Are you aware that you are a jealous person? Your envy may appear from something as simple as your neighbour buying a new sofa. Was you sitting in your front room, watching out of the window as your neighbour is delivered a brand new corner Chesterfield Sofa? Does your brain think things like “I wonder how much that was…Where did they get the money for that…They are on benefits…Why haven’t I got a new sofa”? If you do think this way then understand that you are experiencing jealousy. Why not retrain your brain to think differently? If you see someone with something, think “I am happy they have got that…I hope that brings them joy”; let them shine. If you do this we can guarantee that you will see a positive improvement in your energy and daily life. Do not be consumed with what someone else has done or what they are receiving. If you want a job promotion, don’t be bitter towards your colleague who recently received one. Instead wish the well, work harder to achieve your dream, even swallow your pride and learn something from them. Unless she sucked off the director or he is an escort for the CEO, then they have gained a level up by merit. Work with them to see if you are missing something in your progression. Think good things; You will receive good things if you think good things.


Example Two

A friend could be jealous of you. Did we say friend, well we should say get rid of this type of friend; an envious friend is toxic. This friend may not be aware that they are jealous or they do it on purpose. If this trait is not in your character you will begin to feel detached from each other. Either way this person is not good for your general wellbeing. An example of this; a school friend. You both grew up together, however you start to feel that you are both on different paths. Wanting to keep the friendship you confront this emotion with your friend; they do not take it well. For you own personal growth you take some space away from this friendship. Whilst on an undiscussed break you begin to see this friend trolling the internet. Their Facebook and Instagram is swamped with feeds about ‘Fake Friends’ and their future success. (Don’t you find it funny how when you stop talking to someone, they take to social media to show how aspirational and driven they are). They realise that you are not taking notice of this; why would you after all it is negative. One day something really bad happens to you and this friend finds out. Instead of contacting you to see how you are they charge, once again, to the internet. They flood their feed with relevancy to your misfortune. This type of behaviour is innate, as the envious person cannot control their desire to be bitter and evil. However please remember what you send out into the universe will come back to you.


Six Steps to Stop Envious Reactions

  1. Whatever you do, NEVER turn your envious emotions into actions. Do not damage the belongings of another person. If they have a new car, do not simply walk past and scratch it. If you walk on a new carpet, do not intentionally spill your drink. Someone buys a new sofa, do not enter their room and sit on the arm. Do not sabotage an event because you are not a part of it. We could continue with examples, however we hope you understand. We have to stress that if you act on your jealous emotions you will reap negativity in your life. This may not be immediate but it will come back to you in your lifetime.
  2. Understand what jealousy is. Research the subject from different viewpoints. Look at what religions say, physcology and anything that your energy draws to. The more informed you are the more likely you are to eradicate this trait. You will become knowledgable about the battle of good vs evil. You will also be able to see if you are surrounding yourself with toxic people; has your anger stemmed from influential surroundings?
  3. Realise you own worth and value. Take a moment to analyse your pros and cons. Focus on the pros, but keep in mind the cons will need to be addressed at some stage. What are you good at? What have you achieved? The more you take notice of who you are and what you have to offer to others, the more you will destroy this jealous trait. You should feel controlled with a sense of power; the ability to divert negative energy because you know what positive impact you have.
  4. Note what makes you feel envious. When you have a moment of sin examine what it is that caused you to feel this way. You will soon begin to see what triggers your emotions. If you can keep these triggers in your conscious mind you will be able to change your viewpoint before the envy feeling occurs.
  5. If you feel that you are becoming jealous and could lose control of your feelings, then take time out away from what is causing this. Do not force yourself to be in this place, after all you are trying to improve on your positive emotions. The fact that you can notice what is wrong is personal development. Explain to others that you need to visit the toiler or get some air; whatever the excuse just get out. Take some time to clear your head. Focus on positive thoughts and wish the people around you the best.
  6. Always remember that life changes for everyone. Do not put yourself or another person on a pedestal. As high as you may feel, we see that life can knock you down. You suddenly feel more empowered because your jealous demons have disappeared; this does not mean you are better than an envious person. It simply means you challenged your good and evil, and good won. Another person may have this trait; why not open up to them? Be kind to them and see if they can acknowledge this flaw in their character; can you help them? Tell them what you found difficult and the techniques you used to resolve this. You may be able to assist in the growth of another person; this is only a positive thing.

Everything will come to you as long as you are a good person and if you cannot be good learn to  repent.




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