A Cinema Lightbox can make your wallet light. Read our comparison and Light Up Your Life without spending a fortune…

Merchant Monday’s

Recently Universal Levels needed to buy a wedding gift for a team member. By mistake two of our colleagues brought two different Lightboxes. One purchased online and the other had popped to their local bargain store. For our Merchant Monday’s article we felt is was necessary to compare both Lightboxes. One was brought from B&M for £7.99 and the other was brought from Tesco Direct for £24.99. Since buying the Tesco Lightbox has since gone out of stock. However our point for this blog is to show that the most expensive may not be the best.

Tesco B&M
Item Cinema Lightbox DIY Message Lightbox
Product Code 185-0008 315954
Price £24.99 £7.99
Size A4 A4
In Stock No Check in Store
Number of Letters 85 69
Symbols Inc Yes No
Batteries Yes 6 AA Yes 6 AA
Adapter No Yes – Buy Seperatly
Wall Hanging Yes Yes
Pros Better Packaging Thicker Plastic Letters
Different Light Stronger Design
 Letters Sit flush, and cannot be noticed when the light is on Easier to set up – no screwdriver is needed
 A little bigger (0.03cm) Able to use batteries or an adapter
Cons Lightbox does not have a smooth finish and you can pull it apart Less letters and does not come with symbols
No adapter point Packaging isnt as appealing
Need a screwdriver to open battery compartment
Thinner Plastic Letters (Quite Flimsy)image31504


Universal Levels believe that the £7.99 Lightbox from B&M is one of the best bargains. It is a large A4 size and a better quality in comparison to an expensive model; B&M your product is our favorite. We are quite upset with our Tesco buy; yes it may look sleeker in design however it isn’t. We feel that if you want the additional symbols you should buy the B&M Lightbox and head to Ebay to buy extra letters. You can get symbols, gold letters, caligraphy and many more options to jazz up your Lightbox. As such spend £7.99 and another £10 on a range of letters/symbols; you will have yourself a unique and decent product for nearly half the price. Have a look at our comparison pictures, we moved the Heart from the £24.99 lightbox to our £7.99 box; bet you cannot see the difference.





When it is a craze or a phase it does not always pay to buy the highest price tag. These fad products are made for the increase in demand. So manufacturers can get away with creating a shoddy item, putting it in pretty packaging and we will buy it for 50% more. With this craze we want you to be quid’s up.

Have fun creating slogans on your new Lightbox. We purchased another one for the office and every morning we change the words. Today’s said “Aim & Goal” and tomorrows might be “Thrifty & Spend Less”.


For more info visit the stores:




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