Top 30 Life Quotes brought to you by Universal Levels “Positive Minds Positive People”

Universal Levels have given you 30 quotes that we have heard along our journey. As we grow up we will hear old wise tales and sayings to encourage our development. Some quotes may not seem relevant when you Grandma is drilling it into you; however at some stage you will revisit her wise words. Many quotes are flying around the internet, as such we have complied some of our faves.

Saturday S**T List – Top 30 Life Quotes


  1. There is only one way up, that is up. Don’t bother to look down on the way up
  2. If it doesn’t challenge you then it will never change you
  3. Be Kind, It costs nothing
  4. Say Please & Thank You, It costs nothing
  5. Do to them what they do to you.
  6. Don’t kill my high because you’re on a low
  7. Many a true word said in Jest
  8. Don’t like me? Use the same mouth you suck ass with to tell me why you don’t
  9. If you are fake then you don’t know how to communicate
  10. You reap what you sow
  11. Cocaine, its one helluva drug…that will ruin your life
  12. Love yourself and others will love you
  13. Prove them wrong
  14. Your attraction is Black yet you settle for White; only for a little while will this feel right
  15. Energy Stealers, If you let them in they will live the life you dream of
  16. If you want it, go and get it
  17. Achieving starts with believing
  18. True repentance derives from a corrected life
  19. I’ve got no stings to hold me down
  20. A lie will constrain your liberation
  21. Weed; The tree of life. It is strange when Nature is made illegal
  22. Miss you? Nope, I miss the person you pretended to be
  23. Don’t hate yourself because they hate you, chances are they hate themselves more
  24. There are no bunk beds in a coffin
  25. Why wait for your ship to come in? Swim out to it
  26. Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist
  27. I’m no gynaecologist but I sure know a C**T when I see one
  28. My body wants more sleep but my pocket wants more money
  29. You cant overdose on Music
  30. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent ever year to control the public mind


Sometimes when feeling low, upset or any emotional stat, we advise findind a quote to heal you. Think of it as a mantra. Choose a positive quote and remember it. This way you are more empowered the next time you feel the same emotions. Quotes are good for light-hearted banter, sometimes bringing joy to a bad situation. Always find a quote that manifest good rather than evil. If you keep reading a negative quote this may begin to show in your daily life. Whereas an uplifting quote may aid your future success. Enjoy reading and why not make up your own?



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