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Merchant Mondays

Universal Levels can see the sun beaming across our city. We are soon approaching the season of nudity, beer and park life. So with this we need to be equipped with a great pair of Shades. Everybody needs a pair of Sunglasses and be sure to check for the CE Mark; this shows that the glasses are UV protected. Be aware that sunglasses brought from Primark can be as good as designers; so we want you to know that the priciest doesn’t mean that they are any different from the cheapies. Please note that sunglasses purchased abroad may not have a CE Mark, as such the likelihood is these glasses will not be UV Protected. We advise buying the correct protection as sunlight exposure to your eyes is very harmful.


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We have added a few links to make Sunglasses Shopping easier; be quick stock is low for some designs. Filter by design and styles to find a shape that suits you.

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Asos Outlet

TK Maxx

The Outnet





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