10 Things That F**K Us Off >>> Society is messier than it has to be and we help to play a part in F**cking it up!


10 Things That F**K Us Off

  1. Watching what other people have. Who cares if she has brought a Gucci Bag and who cares if he has a Rolex? Did these people have the cash to buy or did they buy it on credit? If they have brought it on an overdraft then more fool them. So, you sit watching their luxe pictures in resentment that your life is less than theirs. When actually that person is in debt for that lifestyle or they are even borrowing someone else’s stuff just to take pictures. As soon as people can get stuff is as soon as stuff can leave them. Why watch others? The car is most probably on finance or a rental. The house is most probably brought with illegal money and will be repossessed when they are 50. The perfect husband is most probably cheating on every work night out. Don’t watch others, watch yourself and work on getting what you want.
  2. You have a Best Friend who is very active on Social Channels. You talk to them every week to make sure they are doing well. Every week you see their posts and ‘Like’ them. Yet this friend seems to ignore your posts. It seems there is a pattern in their behaviour. They either don’t like anything; why is this? Is it because deep down they are unhappy with what they see? Or is it because you are not doing things with them? When they suddenly creep onto your page. They either give you one dead like; you’ve posted 30 pictures since they have last been on, but you get one ‘Like’. Or do they blast your whole feed so all your friends/followers pay attention to them? Whatever it is we suggest you watch out for a friend like this. If they really had an interest in you they would support what you do. Instead if you feel there is a distance on Social Media; the likelihood is that this distance is something to maintain in real life.
  3. Single people and they way they operate on their channels. For example if you have known a person for years would you then try it on with them? If yes, the question we ask is why didn’t you try it before? Answer is, they most probably didn’t notice you and now they have grown older and uglier they now want to know. It is not cool to contact people through messenger or DMs and expect them to respond. Don’t expect nothing and then you will not be disappointed. Try to be a real person rather than an internet creep. We prefer honesty and a conversation; not a repetitive message telling us how good-looking we are.
  4. You have worked with someone for a number of years. This person leaves and you remain in the business. All that usual talk of keeping in touch; but do you? You may be that person that tries to interact with old work colleagues. Do they respond? If Yes, well they took to you at work or are you someone they can use later on in life. If No, why is this? Well, we cannot answer this; yet we do know that is usually to do with them. If you left without any dramas then what is stopping them? Them! They are stopping themselves. These ‘nice’ work colleagues will now show their true colours. They had no interest in you when you worked there and this is shown by their lack of interest after you have left. Bet you £1 that they will watch all your live videos and won’t even know you know that they have seen it. Laugh at them until they find out. Never rise to their stupidity. Being nice costs nothing, and especially being nice to those who have faced the same challenges as you in work.
  5. The Police. Thanks for some of your protection. Yet sometimes we have to say a BIG thanks for nothing or thanks for creating more problems. Please, Police we beg you to work with us and not against us. In our country we are having a lot more altercations. If we approach you as a victim we are also looked at as the perpetrator. How can people who are rapists and kiddy-fiddlers be allowed to leave prison? How can you take the word of a convict over a law-abiding citizen? How can you comment at the scene of a crime, after you turn up following the incident? We need you to belive in us as citizens. Don’t throw your weight around but communicate with us as you would your son/daughter. Let us look up to you and be proud of our security. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  6. Cocaine Addicts portraying themselves as Big Wigs. You are NOT a big wig if you are addicted to Coke. You are a fool. You sniff bleach and anything that your dealer laces it with. The worst part of this drug is that you cannot see what it is doing to the people around you. Screw what it does to you, after all surely you have been told about the effects; if not Talk To Frank. We find that Coke Addicts are quick to become aggressive if you suggest that the drug is bad for them. They will find every excuse as to why they take it and why it is a part of their lives. Either way we don’t care what the reasons are; but we do know that this drug is messing with a lot of people’s lives.
  7. Addicted to Weed with no focus. We understand that weed is a tree, a plant, natural and whatever way that you want to look at the Drug. (MAMBA/SPICE IS NOT WEED). The use of weed creates a new energy in you as a person, and we find many become lethargic or at a loss with life. If you are a functioning weed head then we salute you. People have their vices and if you can function on this drug then we cannot class you in this. However if you literally load ounces and sit every night or weekend in a smoke sesh then we feel you should focus. Why sit in a room full of smokers playing computer games? Why not smoke a big fat J and read a book; basically, become enlightened with the use of weed.
  9. Racist people who date people of Race. Please, are you completely confused? One of our team dated a guy who couldn’t stand her black background. Anything ethnic was ridiculed by him, yet he wanted to get all up in her black *****. She stated that when they dated it was as if she was in the film ‘Roots’. Her description of sex with him was compared to slavery sexual relations. His levels of respect for her was lacking as he didn’t want to accept her as who she was. The worst aspect of this trait is that if you get with someone of race and then cheat on them with someone lighter. An example you are a white man and you are dating a black girl; yet you are cheating on her with a mixed race girl or a white girl. This is an innate problem with this man; his genetic memory is built from slavery. Why would he want to cheat with a lighter female if his taste is Black women? We say she is convenient for his use; maybe it make him seem multicultural when really he has no respect for race/ethnicity.
  10. Drivers that cannot drive, RETAKE YOUR TEST OR GET OFF THE ROAD! Please, this is becoming a dangerous past time now. If you cannot drive then do not get in the car. If a more experienced driver than yourself is telling you to do something, then listen. New drivers are more likely to have an accident, they are also more likely to panic and drive off from the scene of a crash. Older, experienced drivers are more likely to drive as if they own the road and crash due to complacency. Whatever your driver status is, you should know how capable you are with driving. If you are facing driver challenges there is no shame in refreshing your skills.


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