Booty Bootea Backoff Slim Trim>>> 28 Day Bootea Teatox in progress Day 7…

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This week  a member of our team will give you a personal review on Bootea and where the best place to buy it is (at time of publishing the article). One of our team started this 7 days ago and here is her review of the product. Please note that she will review the product after its full course.

Merchant Monday’s

Bootea 28 Day Teatox – 7 Days In

You can buy alternative Bootea Teatox’s such as 14 days and a version that is Senna Free (No laxative Effects). I have opted to take the one with Senna Leaves included. This tea comes in two packets; one is daytime tea and the other is bedtime tea. Daytime tea you drink every morning and you alternate days when drinking the bedtime tea.


Day 1: Tea in the Morning & Tea at Night

The first day of taking it I became aware of the taste. I couldn’t grasp the taste on my palette as such I had to down the drink back. Knock it back as they say. I didn’t feel any effects this day.

Day 2: Tea in the Morning

8 hours after taking last nights evening tea it is said that the laxative kicks in. Well it did and with me I believed that it had the correct effect on my body. Please I warn you to prepare yourself. On the day after taking your evening tea be prepared you may need to use the lavatory. This day 2 was drastic, I literally cleared out my system. It was sporadic as such I was a little disturbed by it. After half an hour my bowels eased and I felt lighter. I felt cleansed, just like the tea says.

Day 3-7

After Day 2 I was aware of what to expect and on day 4 I prepared for another relationship with my toilet. I was pleasantly surprised when I did not cleanse out as I did on day 2. It felt as if I was clearing out excess waste in my system.

The taste of the tea has settled into my palette. I find that if the drink is brewed for too long/left cold this is when you will find the taste is very prominent. Bootea suggest 3 mins to brew.

I have not seen dramatic effects to this tea. There is no amazing butt lift or tummy tuck results yet. However I feel very light on my feet. My stomach feels less weighty and I feel as if my digestive systems is flowing better. I feel very clean and many have mentioned I have a radiance in my skin.

I am not a gymoholic or a health bunny; I am eating as I usually did. I believe that if you teamed this up with nutrition and exercise you could feel even better than I do. I purely took this Teatox as a team challenge. I am happy I have. After Day 28 I will upload my results.


BOOTEA 28 DAY TEATOX  – – – Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Halal, Kosher

Purchased from Holland & Barrett. They currently have an amazing 1/2 price or better deal and you can team up other deals for extra added value. Their promotion finishes 25th March.q



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