Month: March 2017

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Westminster London United Kingdom – Really Why?

Universal Levels do not want to cause upset, offence or any hurt to those involved in the horrendous events that occurred yesterday. We express our deep condolences to those who experienced a loss. We also wish to send positivity and best wishes to those who have been hurt or emotionally scarred by the events. Stay together as a community and we will get through this.


Dear Government and T.May,

Just a few thoughts from normal people who live in London:

– Didn’t Parliament know that something was going to happen? That’s why you moved Scotland Yard right? It’s now situated on Parliment Square isn’t it? Wasn’t you going to put scaffolding up around your house this year? Our beautiful tourist attraction was going to be hidden wasn’t it? Hmmm all seems a bit fish to us.

– We do not mind you paying tribute to the police officer but this morning was cold! You mentioned the police officer numerous times in your speech, yet those innocent got mentioned purely by nationality. A police officer is paid to possibly be hurt, this does not take away from the loss of life and events. Yet they are trained for crisis. Give your unpaid people more respect, the civilians are not trained to deal with anything on this scale. They were possibly consumed taking pictures of our beautiful crime filled city. Why do they not receive the same respect as he who also died?

– If it is down to an extremist then why are you allowing them to be free? Come on now. A murderer is a murderer, and they get time in prison. That murderer may have been framed or acted in self defence. It could be their first real conviction yet they will go to prison. But you as a government let free people who you KNOW want to fuck up our country. In text slang “OMG WTF”.

– You have not changed the threat level to our country. Again “OMG WTF” if there is no threat what is all the commotion and terror talk about? That my dear Mrs May is a little confusing and contradictory bearing in mind London is worldwide news. A man who was previously involved in evil towards our country now actually attacks our country; that sound like a threat to us.

– How did the whole occurrence take so long to flag. They say it took 20 seconds to create all of that distress and havoc. We are pretty sure if a car was driving on a pavement in Tottenham or Lewisham, police would be all over it. Acting so fast before they even know what has occurred. Why in Westminister was this allowed to continue and become the disaster it was? Now you will increase the security in your estate whilst we are left unsafe if we reside outside the W1 postcode.

– Communities we urge you to stay united. Do not conform to racism or any hate crime. It is very easy to turn against each other due to race, class or nationality. Do not rise to this. We need to stick together. We also urge you to watch your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and think fast. It is a dangerous and volatile city we are living in. Communities and areas still support decisions not to report crime. They will not report incidents that happen on their doorsteps. This has to stop, let the police know if you deem activity to be dangerous or suspicious. You could save lives.

– One of our team believe that from writing such things as what we have we will be watched by the government. 1984 by George Orwell. So if you do read this, we are a team of bloggers merely writing a few views that have come up in discussions today. We support our country and believe that these attacks are dreadful. We appreciate our security, police force, system, shared values and way of life in the UK. We just wished that our world had more transparency and peace.