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Need an idea for a gift for Mother’s Day? Have a look…

Universal Levels Gift Ideas For Mothering Sunday 



Nails : CND Shellac, Gelish, Sally Hansen, Cutex, Nails Inc, Crabtree & Evelyn, Waitrose


Hair: Africa’s Best, Lusters Pink, Elastaqp, Texture My Way, Instyler, Scunci


General Gifts : Estée Lauder, Oil of Olay, Breville, Very


Westminster London United Kingdom – Really Why?

Universal Levels do not want to cause upset, offence or any hurt to those involved in the horrendous events that occurred yesterday. We express our deep condolences to those who experienced a loss. We also wish to send positivity and best wishes to those who have been hurt or emotionally scarred by the events. Stay together as a community and we will get through this.


Dear Government and T.May,

Just a few thoughts from normal people who live in London:

– Didn’t Parliament know that something was going to happen? That’s why you moved Scotland Yard right? It’s now situated on Parliment Square isn’t it? Wasn’t you going to put scaffolding up around your house this year? Our beautiful tourist attraction was going to be hidden wasn’t it? Hmmm all seems a bit fish to us.

– We do not mind you paying tribute to the police officer but this morning was cold! You mentioned the police officer numerous times in your speech, yet those innocent got mentioned purely by nationality. A police officer is paid to possibly be hurt, this does not take away from the loss of life and events. Yet they are trained for crisis. Give your unpaid people more respect, the civilians are not trained to deal with anything on this scale. They were possibly consumed taking pictures of our beautiful crime filled city. Why do they not receive the same respect as he who also died?

– If it is down to an extremist then why are you allowing them to be free? Come on now. A murderer is a murderer, and they get time in prison. That murderer may have been framed or acted in self defence. It could be their first real conviction yet they will go to prison. But you as a government let free people who you KNOW want to fuck up our country. In text slang “OMG WTF”.

– You have not changed the threat level to our country. Again “OMG WTF” if there is no threat what is all the commotion and terror talk about? That my dear Mrs May is a little confusing and contradictory bearing in mind London is worldwide news. A man who was previously involved in evil towards our country now actually attacks our country; that sound like a threat to us.

– How did the whole occurrence take so long to flag. They say it took 20 seconds to create all of that distress and havoc. We are pretty sure if a car was driving on a pavement in Tottenham or Lewisham, police would be all over it. Acting so fast before they even know what has occurred. Why in Westminister was this allowed to continue and become the disaster it was? Now you will increase the security in your estate whilst we are left unsafe if we reside outside the W1 postcode.

– Communities we urge you to stay united. Do not conform to racism or any hate crime. It is very easy to turn against each other due to race, class or nationality. Do not rise to this. We need to stick together. We also urge you to watch your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and think fast. It is a dangerous and volatile city we are living in. Communities and areas still support decisions not to report crime. They will not report incidents that happen on their doorsteps. This has to stop, let the police know if you deem activity to be dangerous or suspicious. You could save lives.

– One of our team believe that from writing such things as what we have we will be watched by the government. 1984 by George Orwell. So if you do read this, we are a team of bloggers merely writing a few views that have come up in discussions today. We support our country and believe that these attacks are dreadful. We appreciate our security, police force, system, shared values and way of life in the UK. We just wished that our world had more transparency and peace.




Booty Bootea Backoff Slim Trim>>> 28 Day Bootea Teatox in progress Day 7…

Universal Levels will assist you with ideas and hot deals for your next shopping trip. You may even feel inspired to buy what we have suggested. We do not work in collaboration with any brands but if you visit our WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN page we can help with your own promotion. After all its an easy way to generate traffic to yourself or business.

This week  a member of our team will give you a personal review on Bootea and where the best place to buy it is (at time of publishing the article). One of our team started this 7 days ago and here is her review of the product. Please note that she will review the product after its full course.

Merchant Monday’s

Bootea 28 Day Teatox – 7 Days In

You can buy alternative Bootea Teatox’s such as 14 days and a version that is Senna Free (No laxative Effects). I have opted to take the one with Senna Leaves included. This tea comes in two packets; one is daytime tea and the other is bedtime tea. Daytime tea you drink every morning and you alternate days when drinking the bedtime tea.


Day 1: Tea in the Morning & Tea at Night

The first day of taking it I became aware of the taste. I couldn’t grasp the taste on my palette as such I had to down the drink back. Knock it back as they say. I didn’t feel any effects this day.

Day 2: Tea in the Morning

8 hours after taking last nights evening tea it is said that the laxative kicks in. Well it did and with me I believed that it had the correct effect on my body. Please I warn you to prepare yourself. On the day after taking your evening tea be prepared you may need to use the lavatory. This day 2 was drastic, I literally cleared out my system. It was sporadic as such I was a little disturbed by it. After half an hour my bowels eased and I felt lighter. I felt cleansed, just like the tea says.

Day 3-7

After Day 2 I was aware of what to expect and on day 4 I prepared for another relationship with my toilet. I was pleasantly surprised when I did not cleanse out as I did on day 2. It felt as if I was clearing out excess waste in my system.

The taste of the tea has settled into my palette. I find that if the drink is brewed for too long/left cold this is when you will find the taste is very prominent. Bootea suggest 3 mins to brew.

I have not seen dramatic effects to this tea. There is no amazing butt lift or tummy tuck results yet. However I feel very light on my feet. My stomach feels less weighty and I feel as if my digestive systems is flowing better. I feel very clean and many have mentioned I have a radiance in my skin.

I am not a gymoholic or a health bunny; I am eating as I usually did. I believe that if you teamed this up with nutrition and exercise you could feel even better than I do. I purely took this Teatox as a team challenge. I am happy I have. After Day 28 I will upload my results.


BOOTEA 28 DAY TEATOX  – – – Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Halal, Kosher

Purchased from Holland & Barrett. They currently have an amazing 1/2 price or better deal and you can team up other deals for extra added value. Their promotion finishes 25th March.q


Bootea Teatox 28 Day Challenge

Universal Levels have set each other challenges. We will be showing these to you throughout March and April.

We have uploaded a Bootea Teatox 28 Day video to our YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE to watch.

On 27/02/17 we will post our first week results and an article on buying Bootea Teatox.



Need a pair of Sunglasses? Read our blog & enjoy shopping >>> Don’t Miss Out >>> Ray Bans, Tiffany and more

Merchant Mondays

Universal Levels can see the sun beaming across our city. We are soon approaching the season of nudity, beer and park life. So with this we need to be equipped with a great pair of Shades. Everybody needs a pair of Sunglasses and be sure to check for the CE Mark; this shows that the glasses are UV protected. Be aware that sunglasses brought from Primark can be as good as designers; so we want you to know that the priciest doesn’t mean that they are any different from the cheapies. Please note that sunglasses purchased abroad may not have a CE Mark, as such the likelihood is these glasses will not be UV Protected. We advise buying the correct protection as sunlight exposure to your eyes is very harmful.


Universal Levels Best Discount Sunglasses




We have added a few links to make Sunglasses Shopping easier; be quick stock is low for some designs. Filter by design and styles to find a shape that suits you.

Sunglasses Shop Sale

Asos Outlet

TK Maxx

The Outnet




A Cinema Lightbox can make your wallet light. Read our comparison and Light Up Your Life without spending a fortune…

Merchant Monday’s

Recently Universal Levels needed to buy a wedding gift for a team member. By mistake two of our colleagues brought two different Lightboxes. One purchased online and the other had popped to their local bargain store. For our Merchant Monday’s article we felt is was necessary to compare both Lightboxes. One was brought from B&M for £7.99 and the other was brought from Tesco Direct for £24.99. Since buying the Tesco Lightbox has since gone out of stock. However our point for this blog is to show that the most expensive may not be the best.

Tesco B&M
Item Cinema Lightbox DIY Message Lightbox
Product Code 185-0008 315954
Price £24.99 £7.99
Size A4 A4
In Stock No Check in Store
Number of Letters 85 69
Symbols Inc Yes No
Batteries Yes 6 AA Yes 6 AA
Adapter No Yes – Buy Seperatly
Wall Hanging Yes Yes
Pros Better Packaging Thicker Plastic Letters
Different Light Stronger Design
 Letters Sit flush, and cannot be noticed when the light is on Easier to set up – no screwdriver is needed
 A little bigger (0.03cm) Able to use batteries or an adapter
Cons Lightbox does not have a smooth finish and you can pull it apart Less letters and does not come with symbols
No adapter point Packaging isnt as appealing
Need a screwdriver to open battery compartment
Thinner Plastic Letters (Quite Flimsy)image31504


Universal Levels believe that the £7.99 Lightbox from B&M is one of the best bargains. It is a large A4 size and a better quality in comparison to an expensive model; B&M your product is our favorite. We are quite upset with our Tesco buy; yes it may look sleeker in design however it isn’t. We feel that if you want the additional symbols you should buy the B&M Lightbox and head to Ebay to buy extra letters. You can get symbols, gold letters, caligraphy and many more options to jazz up your Lightbox. As such spend £7.99 and another £10 on a range of letters/symbols; you will have yourself a unique and decent product for nearly half the price. Have a look at our comparison pictures, we moved the Heart from the £24.99 lightbox to our £7.99 box; bet you cannot see the difference.





When it is a craze or a phase it does not always pay to buy the highest price tag. These fad products are made for the increase in demand. So manufacturers can get away with creating a shoddy item, putting it in pretty packaging and we will buy it for 50% more. With this craze we want you to be quid’s up.

Have fun creating slogans on your new Lightbox. We purchased another one for the office and every morning we change the words. Today’s said “Aim & Goal” and tomorrows might be “Thrifty & Spend Less”.


For more info visit the stores:



The Day of Lurve is soon approaching; don’t be stung by the expensive price tags. Buy with Love…

Universal Levels Reminder: Valentines Day

Valentines Day 2017 falls on Tuesday 14th February

Don’t be that Partner who runs to the petrol garage at 8am on the morning of Lovers Day. Universal Levels know that you will end up with a rubbish gift and tattered flowers. If you love your Beau then put in the effort. It will save you stress and you may even receive Brownie Points as your gift last year was a little pants. Thanks to us and our ‘Merchant Monday’s’ we will be giving you a few Shopping Ideas. Cupid will be proud of you, so give it some thought.

Below we have detailed a number of Hot Deals for Valentines Day. We do not work in conjunction with any Brands or Shops, as such we cannot guarantee the stock level of these items.

  • Champagne Gifts
    • Waitrose has a selection of wines and champagnes on promotion. Team these up with a box of their Champagne Truffles and you are onto a winner. Waitrose has a few options for Champagne Truffles; these range from £5.99-£9.20. We adore their own brand Ultimate Champagne Truffles for £6.39, this includes a discount of £1.60 as they are on a 20% off offer. These truffles are combined with two types of Champagne; Champagne Brut N.V and Marc de Champagne. Waitrose are also offering Charbonnel Et Walker Truffles for £9.20; a saving of £2.30 as these are also in the 20% off promotion. As for their Champagne offers, Waitrose is selling one Pink Boxed bottle of Lanson Brut Rose, 75cl, for £25; a saving of £10. Waitrose also have their own branded Champagne on offer; one we recommend is Waitrose Brut NV Champagne; with 25% off you can buy this at a mere £8.24.
    • Sainsburys are our leaders for good priced alcohol. Currently you can buy Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose Non Vintage Champagne for £31.00; a saving of £9.00. You can pick up Belgian Champagne Truffles, Taste The Difference, 140g, for a low price of £5.00. These truffles are also made with a Marc de Champagne truffle centre. Sainsburys are offering a Lanson Champagne Rose Label Brut, 20cl, & Flute Gift Box. This item is priced at £15.00 and is a lovely gift for a pink lady.
  • Chocolate Gifts
    • Waitrose, as discussed briefly above, has a great selection of quality chocolates. Many are on a special promotional offer as such the savings are an added bonus. Butlers Artisan Collection, 310g, has 20% off with a saving of £2.00; you can pick these up for £7.99. Their chocolate range includes champagne, salted caramel, mixed selection, lollypops, hearts, the good old Ferrero Rocher and much more.
    • Sainsburys have a number of £1 chocolate gifts. For a pound you can buy 18g Chocolate Rose, 77g Box of Chocolate Hearts or a Red Heart Chocolate Lollypop. If chocolate isn’t your lovers thing, then Sainsburys also have a Valentines Sweets Set of 6 for £12.00.
  • Nick Knack Gifts
    • Waitrose do not have the biggest range. However they have some lovely candles which can be a delightful gift. For £9.00 you can buy a Lily Flame Three Wick Candle. Waitrose stock His/Hers mugs and also sell a small selection of cute trinkets. We advise to look at the Waitrose’s Own Brand of Skincare product; mix and match a few of these items and you will have a great gift.
    • Sainsburys are selling a number of novelty cups and mugs. These start from £3.50 and they are a great additional gift. Her Ladyship/His Lordship Mugs are selling for £4.50 each. For £10.00 you can buy a novelty mug set; these are a set of two interlocking cups. Want a teddy bear? Well Sainsburys will always have a good selection of bears and cuddly toys
  • Flower Gifts
    • We recommend supporting local florists when it comes to buying flowers. We feel that it is more personal and you can really go to town with your choice. It is like personal shopping for flowers. Speak to your florist about colours, styles and what you want. We feel you will walk away with a bespoke bunch of flowers.
    • Waitrose have an online range. As long as your order is in by 4pm on Monday 13th February then you will receive your flowers for the next day. We love their My True Love Bouquet for £65.
    • Sainsburys have a selection of flowers you can order online or buy in store. We adore their Valentines Luxury Gift Rose for £10. They also have a Valentines Lucky Heart Plant (A money plant leaf in the shape of a heart) for £3.50.


Other retailers are stacking their shops with red, pick, his and hers and anything Valentines. Tesco have a good online range. You can shop lingerie, gift experiences, quirky gifts and more. Tesco use partners, as such their selection is larger than most.

  • Tesco
    • Two Nights for the Price of One Hotel Break – UK Wide — 10% off now £89.09
    • Segway Rally for Two save 15% — Now £50.14
    • Lamborghini and Aston Martin Driving Blast save 10% — Now £53.09


John Lewis are also winners in the Valentines Day Showdown. They have luxury items for sale and you are bound to find a unique/alternative to normal high street gifts.

  • John Lewis
    • Hotel Chocolate ‘Love From?, Milk Chocolate Pillow, 25g  – – £2.50
    • ‘With Love’ Hamper – – £50.00
    • Godiva Coeur Iconique Chocolate Box, 150g – – £21.00
    • Charbonnel Et Walker Handbag and Heels Dark Chocolate, 60g — £6.50
    • Montblanc Meisterstuck Round Stainless Steel Cufflinks, Silver — £175.00
    • Mens John Lewis Heart Socks, Pack of 2, One Size, Black/Red — £8.00
    • Vera Wang for Wedgewood Love Knots Flutes, Set of 2 — £55.00
    • Vive Le Color! Hearts Colouring Book — £8.00


Universal Levels advise you to buy with your heart. Do not rush your purchase. There is no point buying a gift with no emotional substance, as it will most probably gather dust in a cupboard. Do your research on the person you are buying for; can they drink alcohol or do they even like chocolate? Get on the internet and get in the shops; look for the deals. We all know, like every occasion, Valentines gifts will reduced the next day. However the retailers are offering some bargains that might be missed if you don’t buy before the 14th.

Good Luck and Thank You for Reading


Spring Clean, Revamp, Design and a whole heap of bargains… “Ching Ching getting savings over here”

Today for Merchant Monday’s we are going to bring you our best deals. After pay-day weekend our wallets feels light but we are happy. The deals we received this weekend were pretty good and our homes look fantastic. Universal Levels want to show you a few  deals you may be aware of or may have overlooked. Just because the January sales are over this doesn’t stop the bargains flowing. Our Merchants thrive on profit, so they will aim to maintain a lower discount following sale season. Our Merchant Monday’s will focus on a predominant retailer, Argos.  

Argos Home Event – Reservations Only

Spend over £25 and receive 25% on homewares

Place your order online and reserve your order to collect in store. DO NOT USE FAST TRACK. When you arrive, give the team member your reservation number. Before you pay advise that you want to use the code ‘HOME25’, this will the deduct 25% off your Home Items. Universal Levels warn you to check your order before paying. We ordered what we thought would be classified as Home; only these Two items were not discounted yet the prices are very reasonable. The 25% off is on top of other promotions. So if you buy from the clearance section or buy promotional priced items you will receive the extra 25%.

Our Must have HOME25 Products:  Check out the Home Clearance section, there are numerous reductions and you will gain the extra 25% off. Be sure to reserve your items so you can check the offer at the till.

1 – ColourMatch Shower Curtain

This Shower Curtain is reduced by less than half price. You can get this is Lagoon (Teal), Purple Fizz (Mauve), Funky Fuchsia (Hot Pink) and Marina Blue (Electric Blue).

Price: £2.49 reduced from £6.99

These colour ranges also have cushions, throws, curtains, bath mats and more items which are reduced between £2.50-£6.99, (excluding 25%)

2- House of Home Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheet

For the type of fabric, Egyptian Cotton, this is a must buy. The come in Heather (light mocha mauve) and Black.

Price: £6.99 reduced from £14.99

3 – A range of Clearance Curtains

Argos Home Clearance have curtains in different sizes and styles. An example COLLECTION AIMEE LINED CURTAINS are now £8.99 instead of £24.99 or HOME BANDED STRIPE EYELET CURTAINS are now £8.99 reduced from £24.99.

4 – Heart of House Lotus Hand Tufted Rug

L170 by W120cm, a relatively good size for the price. With a modern, natural colour this rug is soothing. Great statement rug or can be blended into a room. The lotus design is not intrusive but will compliment any room.

Price: £39.99 reduced from £69.99


Here are some other great buys from Argos. These items do not have 25% off yet Universal Levels feel that the Promotion is worth it. Argos like a deal, and we like to deal with Argos when they have a deal.


Great for smaller cats, and ideal for kittens. Strong scratching post but it is smaller than some. Design is great and gives your Cat the option to play. Universal Levels will add Catnip to the ball, this entices the cat to play.

Price: £11.99 reduced from £24.99


These storage boxes click together. They are simple to put together and a great value. We tested these after a UK downpour and they seem to be water-resistant. Universal Levels advise to add tarpaulin to the inside, as a precautionary measure.

Price: £26.99 reduced from £44.99

Another alternative to Garden Storage from KETER includes a Circular Plastic Garden Storage Table with a saving of £18.00 (462/6679).


This item is for Home Delivery only at a minimum cost of £6.95. However we feel this brand is quality and at the price it’s a great piece of furniture.

Price: £199.99 reduced from £499.00


Universal Levels suggest you look out for the other deals and promo codes. Argos have a free voucher if you spend over s certain amount (expires 31st January), WHITE15 will give you a 15% saving off large kitchen appliances over £299.99 and FURN25 will give you 25% off indoor furniture (excludes Nursery).

We advise you always keep your receipt and inspect your item. Universal Levels feel that Argos is great for essentials but sometimes items may be damaged. This is rare but at least if you have your receipt to hand it stops any hassle if you need to return the item.

Enjoy shopping and sprucing up your home in time for the Big Spring Clean.

(Please note in light of the protests yesterday in London, there was a delay to our article. We thank you for your patience)


The biggest merchant deals we will encounter and we have no control. Dear Ms May, cc: Mr Trump,

Dear Ms May, 

cc: Mr Trump

We at Universal Levels write to you ONLY speaking for ourselves. We are not representatives of any political movements. We are simply people who make life work even against all odds. The odds which we think you could make better but we are left to struggle.

Collectively Universal Levels do not discuss politics. As such we will not go into any political stance, simply what we think. So in this current day of USA and their new leader ‘Tailored Trump‘. Let us not forget the UK, ‘May or May Not‘ an alias we have for you, our negotiator. We had to deliver on content in relation to our lifestyle.

This letter posted on our Website highlights six questions we would like answered. May Or May Not as you you stand in charge of us, we directly ask you. However Tailored Trump you have said you want to trade with us, so would you also answer these? If either of you need to take time and consult all governments for in depth answers we are happy to wait. We understand that you all overtly disagree but covertly stand united.

Univeral Levels Six Questions:

1. We are aware of your technology and how you have openly integrated this into our lives. Is there ever going to be a point you stop introducing this? In light of this, what year will we be living like The Jetsons? We would like to have the dates so we can sell our materialistic belongings. After all we will not need our Diesel 63 plate Mercedes if our cars will drive themselves.

2. May or May Not, you are claiming that Tailored Trump will respect women when he meets you.We want to know why you feel powerful with this statement? After all you will not appeal to his sexual desire so most of his brain will immediately switch off. Would you care to let us to give you a makeover prior to this meeting? We feel this is in the best interest of our country.

3. Could you ALL stop playing with neuclear weapons? Wasn’t Scalextric good enough for you as a child? Or were you the child that played with Bunsen Burners and voodoo dolls. Come on now, we don’t want to die. We know you may sacrifice each other, that’s your thing, but if you want to play with war weapons could you go elsewhere? Haven’t you got a planet you at building on? Test them out on that.

4. You speak of the people in your country; keep it British and keep it American. So if that’s the case is the a chance you could give us all a token of our loyalty. An example our parents worked and paid taxes; now they are either ill or dead. We, their children, have been left to grow in a world that you didn’t experience. You experience it now with money, your houses, your wealth. But us, we experience it as if we are climbing a ladder that has unstable steps. Any minute as we climb up, the step will break and we either fall or hold on. So how about if we are British by birth could you possibly give us help. Could you give us a lump sum? £5000 per person? Give us a reward for standing behind what we cannot control. Also do not give it to us and increase another tax or payment.

5. Could you stop portraying foreign people in such a derogatory manner? Whilst you sit on your sofa your citizens are at war. You create this and we live it. Let’s say terrorism, the word is boring now. The scandals are always exposed but it’s too late when the damage is done. Why should we walk in fear of our words? You can get arrested for hate crime because you have aggro with different race. Fair play if you say a racial term, but if you just call them a C**T because of their actions, well it’s not hate crime, it is because they were a C**T. We walk looking over our shoulders or looking down at others.

6. Finally, can you just sort our country out? You stand on too much money, corrupt bloodlines and illusions. The more you lie to us the more will happen. You want this to happen. You want us to die because of poverty conditions. You want us to fight. You want us to go to prison. Young girls are being groomed by media,  men are losing their skills and masculinity , women stay assertive or aggressive and an increase in sex changes. People live against or for religion but never feel fully satisfied by their choice. They seek answers and we all seek answers.

If you told the people, us, what you knew, we could help our country. Leave us blind, like the only way you know how, we will fail. Create a culture of sharing and working together; share knowledge. Don’t stand divided. Wealth will not save us unless we are in your society.

We have many more questions for you yet six is enough for this letter. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and have a response to our questions.


Kind Regards

Universal Levels


We do not like to buy things that are not quality. When we shop we negotiate good deals. We understand the other party has to reap a benefit, but so do we. People stand behind people, so to make it work, you need to think about your people.