Saturday S**T List

Westminster London United Kingdom – Really Why?

Universal Levels do not want to cause upset, offence or any hurt to those involved in the horrendous events that occurred yesterday. We express our deep condolences to those who experienced a loss. We also wish to send positivity and best wishes to those who have been hurt or emotionally scarred by the events. Stay together as a community and we will get through this.


Dear Government and T.May,

Just a few thoughts from normal people who live in London:

– Didn’t Parliament know that something was going to happen? That’s why you moved Scotland Yard right? It’s now situated on Parliment Square isn’t it? Wasn’t you going to put scaffolding up around your house this year? Our beautiful tourist attraction was going to be hidden wasn’t it? Hmmm all seems a bit fish to us.

– We do not mind you paying tribute to the police officer but this morning was cold! You mentioned the police officer numerous times in your speech, yet those innocent got mentioned purely by nationality. A police officer is paid to possibly be hurt, this does not take away from the loss of life and events. Yet they are trained for crisis. Give your unpaid people more respect, the civilians are not trained to deal with anything on this scale. They were possibly consumed taking pictures of our beautiful crime filled city. Why do they not receive the same respect as he who also died?

– If it is down to an extremist then why are you allowing them to be free? Come on now. A murderer is a murderer, and they get time in prison. That murderer may have been framed or acted in self defence. It could be their first real conviction yet they will go to prison. But you as a government let free people who you KNOW want to fuck up our country. In text slang “OMG WTF”.

– You have not changed the threat level to our country. Again “OMG WTF” if there is no threat what is all the commotion and terror talk about? That my dear Mrs May is a little confusing and contradictory bearing in mind London is worldwide news. A man who was previously involved in evil towards our country now actually attacks our country; that sound like a threat to us.

– How did the whole occurrence take so long to flag. They say it took 20 seconds to create all of that distress and havoc. We are pretty sure if a car was driving on a pavement in Tottenham or Lewisham, police would be all over it. Acting so fast before they even know what has occurred. Why in Westminister was this allowed to continue and become the disaster it was? Now you will increase the security in your estate whilst we are left unsafe if we reside outside the W1 postcode.

– Communities we urge you to stay united. Do not conform to racism or any hate crime. It is very easy to turn against each other due to race, class or nationality. Do not rise to this. We need to stick together. We also urge you to watch your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and think fast. It is a dangerous and volatile city we are living in. Communities and areas still support decisions not to report crime. They will not report incidents that happen on their doorsteps. This has to stop, let the police know if you deem activity to be dangerous or suspicious. You could save lives.

– One of our team believe that from writing such things as what we have we will be watched by the government. 1984 by George Orwell. So if you do read this, we are a team of bloggers merely writing a few views that have come up in discussions today. We support our country and believe that these attacks are dreadful. We appreciate our security, police force, system, shared values and way of life in the UK. We just wished that our world had more transparency and peace.





10 Things That F**K Us Off >>> Society is messier than it has to be and we help to play a part in F**cking it up!


10 Things That F**K Us Off

  1. Watching what other people have. Who cares if she has brought a Gucci Bag and who cares if he has a Rolex? Did these people have the cash to buy or did they buy it on credit? If they have brought it on an overdraft then more fool them. So, you sit watching their luxe pictures in resentment that your life is less than theirs. When actually that person is in debt for that lifestyle or they are even borrowing someone else’s stuff just to take pictures. As soon as people can get stuff is as soon as stuff can leave them. Why watch others? The car is most probably on finance or a rental. The house is most probably brought with illegal money and will be repossessed when they are 50. The perfect husband is most probably cheating on every work night out. Don’t watch others, watch yourself and work on getting what you want.
  2. You have a Best Friend who is very active on Social Channels. You talk to them every week to make sure they are doing well. Every week you see their posts and ‘Like’ them. Yet this friend seems to ignore your posts. It seems there is a pattern in their behaviour. They either don’t like anything; why is this? Is it because deep down they are unhappy with what they see? Or is it because you are not doing things with them? When they suddenly creep onto your page. They either give you one dead like; you’ve posted 30 pictures since they have last been on, but you get one ‘Like’. Or do they blast your whole feed so all your friends/followers pay attention to them? Whatever it is we suggest you watch out for a friend like this. If they really had an interest in you they would support what you do. Instead if you feel there is a distance on Social Media; the likelihood is that this distance is something to maintain in real life.
  3. Single people and they way they operate on their channels. For example if you have known a person for years would you then try it on with them? If yes, the question we ask is why didn’t you try it before? Answer is, they most probably didn’t notice you and now they have grown older and uglier they now want to know. It is not cool to contact people through messenger or DMs and expect them to respond. Don’t expect nothing and then you will not be disappointed. Try to be a real person rather than an internet creep. We prefer honesty and a conversation; not a repetitive message telling us how good-looking we are.
  4. You have worked with someone for a number of years. This person leaves and you remain in the business. All that usual talk of keeping in touch; but do you? You may be that person that tries to interact with old work colleagues. Do they respond? If Yes, well they took to you at work or are you someone they can use later on in life. If No, why is this? Well, we cannot answer this; yet we do know that is usually to do with them. If you left without any dramas then what is stopping them? Them! They are stopping themselves. These ‘nice’ work colleagues will now show their true colours. They had no interest in you when you worked there and this is shown by their lack of interest after you have left. Bet you £1 that they will watch all your live videos and won’t even know you know that they have seen it. Laugh at them until they find out. Never rise to their stupidity. Being nice costs nothing, and especially being nice to those who have faced the same challenges as you in work.
  5. The Police. Thanks for some of your protection. Yet sometimes we have to say a BIG thanks for nothing or thanks for creating more problems. Please, Police we beg you to work with us and not against us. In our country we are having a lot more altercations. If we approach you as a victim we are also looked at as the perpetrator. How can people who are rapists and kiddy-fiddlers be allowed to leave prison? How can you take the word of a convict over a law-abiding citizen? How can you comment at the scene of a crime, after you turn up following the incident? We need you to belive in us as citizens. Don’t throw your weight around but communicate with us as you would your son/daughter. Let us look up to you and be proud of our security. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  6. Cocaine Addicts portraying themselves as Big Wigs. You are NOT a big wig if you are addicted to Coke. You are a fool. You sniff bleach and anything that your dealer laces it with. The worst part of this drug is that you cannot see what it is doing to the people around you. Screw what it does to you, after all surely you have been told about the effects; if not Talk To Frank. We find that Coke Addicts are quick to become aggressive if you suggest that the drug is bad for them. They will find every excuse as to why they take it and why it is a part of their lives. Either way we don’t care what the reasons are; but we do know that this drug is messing with a lot of people’s lives.
  7. Addicted to Weed with no focus. We understand that weed is a tree, a plant, natural and whatever way that you want to look at the Drug. (MAMBA/SPICE IS NOT WEED). The use of weed creates a new energy in you as a person, and we find many become lethargic or at a loss with life. If you are a functioning weed head then we salute you. People have their vices and if you can function on this drug then we cannot class you in this. However if you literally load ounces and sit every night or weekend in a smoke sesh then we feel you should focus. Why sit in a room full of smokers playing computer games? Why not smoke a big fat J and read a book; basically, become enlightened with the use of weed.
  9. Racist people who date people of Race. Please, are you completely confused? One of our team dated a guy who couldn’t stand her black background. Anything ethnic was ridiculed by him, yet he wanted to get all up in her black *****. She stated that when they dated it was as if she was in the film ‘Roots’. Her description of sex with him was compared to slavery sexual relations. His levels of respect for her was lacking as he didn’t want to accept her as who she was. The worst aspect of this trait is that if you get with someone of race and then cheat on them with someone lighter. An example you are a white man and you are dating a black girl; yet you are cheating on her with a mixed race girl or a white girl. This is an innate problem with this man; his genetic memory is built from slavery. Why would he want to cheat with a lighter female if his taste is Black women? We say she is convenient for his use; maybe it make him seem multicultural when really he has no respect for race/ethnicity.
  10. Drivers that cannot drive, RETAKE YOUR TEST OR GET OFF THE ROAD! Please, this is becoming a dangerous past time now. If you cannot drive then do not get in the car. If a more experienced driver than yourself is telling you to do something, then listen. New drivers are more likely to have an accident, they are also more likely to panic and drive off from the scene of a crash. Older, experienced drivers are more likely to drive as if they own the road and crash due to complacency. Whatever your driver status is, you should know how capable you are with driving. If you are facing driver challenges there is no shame in refreshing your skills.


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Top 30 Life Quotes brought to you by Universal Levels “Positive Minds Positive People”

Universal Levels have given you 30 quotes that we have heard along our journey. As we grow up we will hear old wise tales and sayings to encourage our development. Some quotes may not seem relevant when you Grandma is drilling it into you; however at some stage you will revisit her wise words. Many quotes are flying around the internet, as such we have complied some of our faves.

Saturday S**T List – Top 30 Life Quotes


  1. There is only one way up, that is up. Don’t bother to look down on the way up
  2. If it doesn’t challenge you then it will never change you
  3. Be Kind, It costs nothing
  4. Say Please & Thank You, It costs nothing
  5. Do to them what they do to you.
  6. Don’t kill my high because you’re on a low
  7. Many a true word said in Jest
  8. Don’t like me? Use the same mouth you suck ass with to tell me why you don’t
  9. If you are fake then you don’t know how to communicate
  10. You reap what you sow
  11. Cocaine, its one helluva drug…that will ruin your life
  12. Love yourself and others will love you
  13. Prove them wrong
  14. Your attraction is Black yet you settle for White; only for a little while will this feel right
  15. Energy Stealers, If you let them in they will live the life you dream of
  16. If you want it, go and get it
  17. Achieving starts with believing
  18. True repentance derives from a corrected life
  19. I’ve got no stings to hold me down
  20. A lie will constrain your liberation
  21. Weed; The tree of life. It is strange when Nature is made illegal
  22. Miss you? Nope, I miss the person you pretended to be
  23. Don’t hate yourself because they hate you, chances are they hate themselves more
  24. There are no bunk beds in a coffin
  25. Why wait for your ship to come in? Swim out to it
  26. Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist
  27. I’m no gynaecologist but I sure know a C**T when I see one
  28. My body wants more sleep but my pocket wants more money
  29. You cant overdose on Music
  30. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent ever year to control the public mind


Sometimes when feeling low, upset or any emotional stat, we advise findind a quote to heal you. Think of it as a mantra. Choose a positive quote and remember it. This way you are more empowered the next time you feel the same emotions. Quotes are good for light-hearted banter, sometimes bringing joy to a bad situation. Always find a quote that manifest good rather than evil. If you keep reading a negative quote this may begin to show in your daily life. Whereas an uplifting quote may aid your future success. Enjoy reading and why not make up your own?


Flesh Eating Jealousy… Don’t go as far as John Doe did in the film, Seven. Cleanse yourself. Keep away from toxic people & evil emotions…

Universal Levels topic for this weeks Saturday S**T List may relate to many of you. The topic of discussion is Jealousy/Envy. We have listed two personal examples of this topic. To conclude you can read our Six Steps to Stop Envious Reactions.

It is not good to be a jealous person. Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, a sin of flesh.

Saturday S**T List

Example One

Jealously is a trait that many people possess. Are you aware that you are a jealous person? Your envy may appear from something as simple as your neighbour buying a new sofa. Was you sitting in your front room, watching out of the window as your neighbour is delivered a brand new corner Chesterfield Sofa? Does your brain think things like “I wonder how much that was…Where did they get the money for that…They are on benefits…Why haven’t I got a new sofa”? If you do think this way then understand that you are experiencing jealousy. Why not retrain your brain to think differently? If you see someone with something, think “I am happy they have got that…I hope that brings them joy”; let them shine. If you do this we can guarantee that you will see a positive improvement in your energy and daily life. Do not be consumed with what someone else has done or what they are receiving. If you want a job promotion, don’t be bitter towards your colleague who recently received one. Instead wish the well, work harder to achieve your dream, even swallow your pride and learn something from them. Unless she sucked off the director or he is an escort for the CEO, then they have gained a level up by merit. Work with them to see if you are missing something in your progression. Think good things; You will receive good things if you think good things.


Example Two

A friend could be jealous of you. Did we say friend, well we should say get rid of this type of friend; an envious friend is toxic. This friend may not be aware that they are jealous or they do it on purpose. If this trait is not in your character you will begin to feel detached from each other. Either way this person is not good for your general wellbeing. An example of this; a school friend. You both grew up together, however you start to feel that you are both on different paths. Wanting to keep the friendship you confront this emotion with your friend; they do not take it well. For you own personal growth you take some space away from this friendship. Whilst on an undiscussed break you begin to see this friend trolling the internet. Their Facebook and Instagram is swamped with feeds about ‘Fake Friends’ and their future success. (Don’t you find it funny how when you stop talking to someone, they take to social media to show how aspirational and driven they are). They realise that you are not taking notice of this; why would you after all it is negative. One day something really bad happens to you and this friend finds out. Instead of contacting you to see how you are they charge, once again, to the internet. They flood their feed with relevancy to your misfortune. This type of behaviour is innate, as the envious person cannot control their desire to be bitter and evil. However please remember what you send out into the universe will come back to you.


Six Steps to Stop Envious Reactions

  1. Whatever you do, NEVER turn your envious emotions into actions. Do not damage the belongings of another person. If they have a new car, do not simply walk past and scratch it. If you walk on a new carpet, do not intentionally spill your drink. Someone buys a new sofa, do not enter their room and sit on the arm. Do not sabotage an event because you are not a part of it. We could continue with examples, however we hope you understand. We have to stress that if you act on your jealous emotions you will reap negativity in your life. This may not be immediate but it will come back to you in your lifetime.
  2. Understand what jealousy is. Research the subject from different viewpoints. Look at what religions say, physcology and anything that your energy draws to. The more informed you are the more likely you are to eradicate this trait. You will become knowledgable about the battle of good vs evil. You will also be able to see if you are surrounding yourself with toxic people; has your anger stemmed from influential surroundings?
  3. Realise you own worth and value. Take a moment to analyse your pros and cons. Focus on the pros, but keep in mind the cons will need to be addressed at some stage. What are you good at? What have you achieved? The more you take notice of who you are and what you have to offer to others, the more you will destroy this jealous trait. You should feel controlled with a sense of power; the ability to divert negative energy because you know what positive impact you have.
  4. Note what makes you feel envious. When you have a moment of sin examine what it is that caused you to feel this way. You will soon begin to see what triggers your emotions. If you can keep these triggers in your conscious mind you will be able to change your viewpoint before the envy feeling occurs.
  5. If you feel that you are becoming jealous and could lose control of your feelings, then take time out away from what is causing this. Do not force yourself to be in this place, after all you are trying to improve on your positive emotions. The fact that you can notice what is wrong is personal development. Explain to others that you need to visit the toiler or get some air; whatever the excuse just get out. Take some time to clear your head. Focus on positive thoughts and wish the people around you the best.
  6. Always remember that life changes for everyone. Do not put yourself or another person on a pedestal. As high as you may feel, we see that life can knock you down. You suddenly feel more empowered because your jealous demons have disappeared; this does not mean you are better than an envious person. It simply means you challenged your good and evil, and good won. Another person may have this trait; why not open up to them? Be kind to them and see if they can acknowledge this flaw in their character; can you help them? Tell them what you found difficult and the techniques you used to resolve this. You may be able to assist in the growth of another person; this is only a positive thing.

Everything will come to you as long as you are a good person and if you cannot be good learn to  repent.



“Top 10 Relationship Fails” – Tinder, talking too much & taking the P**S.

London Weather means that Universal Levels are using our hats. In light of this, we pull out a topic for our Saturday S**T List from a Champagne Bucket. Today we bring you a subject a little less controversial than the last weeks article.


This week our Saturday S**T List is: ‘Top Ten New Relationship Fails’

  1. Before you have even started dating you have already planned your future. You dream of kids, marriage, matching Range Rovers and much more. Universal Levels believe that Dating is very difficult these days. Do you download an app? Do you become a P**Shead and go out every weekend in hope to meet someone? Do you date only in your inner circle only to find out your friend has done the deed with your Mrs? Whatever status your relationship is at, we advise you not to plan an illusion. Set realistic goals and achievable time frames that you can both adhere to. Most of all you have to be on the same page.
  2. You tell everyone and anyone about your new love. Are they your ‘Little Cutie’ or ‘Superman‘? Whatever ‘title’ you have for each other keep it to yourselves. Why does everyone need to know? We feel that telling people about the intimacy of your relationship is a fail. Do those people you tell have your best interest at heart or will their negativity hinder your relationship? It may create extra challenges before you need to face them. We advise you tell someone or people you trust about your new beau. This is a safety reason mainly, however if they are positive then this will extend into your relationship.
  3. Lack of communication is another fail. How do you communicate? Text messages are the worst fail when it comes to explanations or conversations of depth. When you converse over the phone it is also very easy to misinterpret your new partner. We say the best communication is in person, and if that is not possible then be clear and concise with what you have to say. Do not engage in any serious topics over text, you are 80% likely to end a relationship this way. We want to include listening skills to this point. You have to listen to your lover as that is how you will get to know them. What makes them smile, what makes them tick, and how you can add value to their life.
  4. No common interest. Every weekend he smokes weed and visits 420 events whilst you visit your ponies. She is a Babestation girl and you come from a strict Catholic Background. We have seen opposites attract, yet usually the best relationships are those with a real common interest. Hobbies and past times have to be of interest to both people. Your goals in life have to be on a similar par. Are you are striving for a mansion and retirement at 45 yet your new lover wants to live in Thailand by 45? Are your goals realistic? Have you taken into account that one day can change everything? Basically Universal Levels advise dating someone who you share the same hobbies with or you are at least interested in them.
  5. You do the deed too soon, those bed sheets are getting ruffled a little too quick. Admittedly we know about passion and desire, oh and that old chestnut “we are adults”. Yet it seems that in our experience when bedding the other too soon it has led to issues. Sometimes the other person becomes possessive or uses sex as a tool. Sometimes it makes you less interested or clouded with the person because your urges have taken over. To be blunt, hold off from bedroom activities until you know the each other. Know what both people are bringing to the table and what they want from you. After all “we are adults” and you should be able to discuss these things. Once you have done the deed, no matter how short or long the wait, we ask you “Was it worth it?”. Universal Levels believes that in some relationships this connection will improve over time. However we have seen many relationships fail. Let’s take this sudden fad of Bum Play not everyone does it. So if you do not like that yet your partner wants to, stick to your guns and say No. If he/she cannot respect your sexual decisions then they are not right for you.
  6. Catching an STD or STI. Need we say anymore? Google search ‘Sexual Health Statistics. We advise to be safe otherwise this unwanted health problem could occur. Not only does it add strain on relationships but draws issue to trust. We recommend visiting the sexual health clinic after every different sexual partner. We also suggest that if your gut instinct believes ‘The Cat is playing away’ then check yourself; even a long term relationship poses sexual health risks. No matter how safe you think you have been safe, the safest way is to check.
  7. Halloween will be a perfect celebration for new relationships. The skeletons will be able to breathe out of the closet. This fail we are discussing is secrets and lies. The simple truth is: Do not have any. Be honest with your concerns and don’t hold any deep secrets that could effect your relationship. If a past situation can come to bite you on the butt then it is one to consider discussing. How many times has a man said he has no kids? Or a person has only slept with 2 people? To be honest once you hit a certain age it is inevitable that people have a past. It is honesty that changes the outcome. If you are healthy and have no addictions would you openly date a drug addict? So if your partner tells you at the start that he/she is clean like you are then you should believe it. Keep 90% faith and 10% doubt. This 10% is there in case three months into the relationship you find out a lie or secret. While you have been drinking protein shakes, your partner has been getting withdrawal shakes; they are addicted to Class A Drugs. Your gut instinct should hopefully rule out a lot of the bull.
  8. Social media analytical research, basically snooping the net. Some of us should work for the MI5 as a spy. Everything can be found nowadays; do not think you are off the radar because you don’t conform to society. Our whereabouts and personal data is out there. If you are efficient in your search you can obtain most information. We do not say not to do it. In some of our experiences we have been able to see a cheat/rat from their FB page. You are on POF or Tinder and yet your Facebook and Instagram is dedicated to your partner. Unless you are in an open relationship you will get caught, and we feel if your partner keeps you after that then Buck up your ideas.
  9. You are meeting your beaus friends for the first time. Do you have each other’s back? Does your partner respect you in their comfortable social circles? An example of when one of our team started dating a guy. Within a few days she was told to meet his friends. This was his thing, he liked socialising his GFs with everyone (relationship fail point 2). When they visited the friends house, everything seemed to be going well. However when discussions started to arise, the relationship begun to fail. If she spoke of something that he did not know about, he became defensive. In the end he embarassed her with a barrage of dominance. Rather than listen and be proud of her, he sat and made her look like a fool. These two are not together because of this. Our Universal Levels rule is to treat your partner with kindness in these environments. It is new to them and they may be anxious. Treat them like Kings and Queens, after all if you mug off your partner in public then you are opening the door for other people to disrespect them.
  10. Lastly, a fail is that you compare them to your ex. Never ever do this. The reason you are not with your ex is because it did not work. Leave all past relationships alone. Do not revisit these feelings, after all they are ex’s for a reason. Thinking of this previous relationship will only disrupt your new one. Be aware of what you did not accept in the past. If your partner does something that you do not condone, discuss it and talk to them. Do not write them off completely, they are not your ex and over time this issue may be resolved. Your lover needs to learn about what has hurt you in the past; and try not to do the same or at least resolve the mistake if it did occur.


Universal Levels want to thank you for reading our S**T list. We wish you all the best for your current relationship. If you are searching we hope you find your soulmate. Be good to yourself and others will be good to you. 


S**T didn’t we tell you we have watched EVERY YouTube Conspiracy Theory going (Top 7 Theories)

Universal Levels have picked ‘Conspiracy Theories’ for this weeks Saturday S**T List. We don’t wish to tread on anyone’s toes with this subject. It is merely light-hearted and could be referred to as jest. However an old saying “Many A True Word Said In Jest” could be apparent in some of what we write.

Our Top Seven Conspiracy Theories


1: The End Of The World Is Now

Well, following the meeting between Mrs May and Mr Trump this could be true. War, Weapons, Russia, Isis; combat war and terror. Let us hope setting off a nuclear weapon is not in their plans. ‘The End Of The World’ is something many religions seem to be discussing. In biblical scriptures it states ‘The End Of The World’ signs we should watch out for. Many believe we are seeing these signs now.

2. Reptilians

Reptile Aliens who are able to shift into human form; they are not here for good purposes but they promote evil. They are dominating the human race and they have been authorised to do so by the Government. The government are using these species to manage and maintain corruption. These aliens are walking amongst us and are usually those in power. If you have a child attending Primary School we ask you to find out what they are being taught. Is it aliens?

3. MK Ultra

Brainwashing and Mind Control. They say Conor McGregor is a perfect example of MK Ultra. One video shows him on YouTube but could it just be editing? We will watch the rise of a star, they defeat odds in their industry and follow suit to earn large sums of money. They become a role model and are specifically designed to target certain people in society. Does MK Ultra exist? It does to the CIA. After all they cannot have public figures speaking as Eminem once did. Surely the CIA can banish these Ultra Slaves that are disobedient? Maybe they should bring the naughty celebs to a secret HQ and let them leave the next morning as a clone?

4. Flat Earth Theory

The earth is flat. That’s it to be honest. Instead of the world being a sphere, the world is a flat disc. NASA have created a Round World Illusion for us in addition to gravity being a myth. It is said we are living in a hub, an enclosed dome. Is our world a large version of the O2 in Greenwich? Maybe that’s why we were forced to watch Teletubbies? This theory is also disregarded by many. Those who believe the world is round discuss time zones, the moon and other reasons as to why Flat Earth Theory is incorrect. Flat or Round, we request anyone who has hard evidence to come forward.

5. Abortion Statistics

Prior to the embryo being formed, you can find out you are pregnant. It will show on a test. You have to wait until the pregnancy turns into an embryo before you can take an Abortion Pill. In a world of pills and drugs you can take a pill to stop the pregnancy happening, you can also take one to kill an embryo yet when you are pregnant without an embryo there is nothing to stop this process. Is it easier for statistics to make a woman wait until the embryo is formed? Does it boost abortion rates? After all if there was a pill to cancel out the pregnancy prior to an embryo forming would it still be classed as abortion?

6. Plastic Food

Our fruits and vegetables are made of Plastic. They are created with chemicals and manufactured to look and taste the same as organic vegetables. With the rise in population and disturbances in our weather we cannot produce enough food. As such food is being created in Labs and is manufactured across the world. Shops who buy in bulk and buy cheaply benefit from this manufacturing process.

7. The Simpsons

The Simpsons has shown major world events prior to them happening. The Simpsons is one of the longest running cartoons with adult subliminal content. How would they know what was going to happen? Are the owned and run by the small elite that control us all.


We are controlled by more than what we are told and by more than what we can see. Unless you are fully informed we suggest you focus on here and now. We want you to read and inform yourself. Those who claim to be knowledgeable yet have only ever watched YouTube videos, we advise you visit your local library and read. Head to Google, pick up books, read newspaper articles and analyse. One thing to note, do not become consumed. If you have lived without knowing, continue to live with this freedom knowing what you now know. Unless we all stand together to fight against what is wrong in our world, we will not win on only our solo efforts.








SECOND-HAND BUYERS (HINTS & TIPS) How to buy Second-Hand with Confidence or at least learn how to walk away.

Second-hand selling and buying is on the increase. People still buy brand new products yet with so many ways to buy second-hand we understand the growth; in addition, the savings you receive from used goods. You can visit a Boot Sale or a Charity shop but of recent we are seeing a surge online for second-hand purchases. Universal Levels believe that second-hand buying requires a level of confidence. You must be confident in what you want to buy, what quality you want it to be, what price you are willing to pay and confident to leave an item if it does not meet all your requirements. An old saying “Act in haste and repent in leisure”, signifying if you rush into buying something you may be disappointed when you later inspect your goods. Remember that unless the product is limited edition or rare you could possibly find the item again. Don’t be afraid to wait for what you want; Patience is a virtue.


Five things buyers of second-hand goods should consider:

  1. Choose a selling website or app that favours the welfare of buyers and sellers. Universal Levels first choice is EBay as it has a variety of ways to protect you as a buyer. Recently Shpock has made a surge to our screens. We recommend this as our second choice. Users are reviewed and the company operate strict terms and conditions. Whilst searching for what we want, we are also likely to search Facebook and Gumtree. Facebook is slightly personal as people may see what you sell or buy. At least you have a point of contact for the person you are buying from. We have found that some Gumtree Sellers are dishonest. They tend to rush you into buying as their descriptions are inaccurate. Do not rule out any site or app as Universal Levels believe there are honest sellers on every one of these.
  2. Sellers are spread all over the UK. Some are genuine sellers, perhaps a family are selling their furniture which they brought last year; they want to change their décor. Other genuine sellers could be selling their house, emigrating, or downsizing. Universal Levels find that buying from Dealers is risky if you have no trusted reviews. Dealers are people who specialise in buying or obtaining free Second-hand items and reselling them for a profit. Some (not all) sellers who do this as their main form of income are very cunning. They know how to prepare items for your viewing so when you perceive them they match the product description. It is only when you get the items home that you see imperfections, faults or additional wear and tear.
  3. Always contact the seller prior to offering, committing and buying. Ask questions about the item, request extra photos or even a video. We recommend that you do not take what a seller says to you as gospel; nor solely trust their online description. What they describe as ‘Immaculate’ may not be up to your level of an immaculate condition. The measurements and sizes they have specified is something to double check. If you feel to go ahead with the purchase, Universal Levels advise you to view the item first. If you have a good eye for detail you can usually tell the quality of an item. Yet pictures taken of smartphones may not pick up rips, tears or cosmetic markings. Nor will it pick up the sturdiness or construction of the item. Viewings are advised so that you can determine the quality of the item you are buying.
  4. When your viewing is arranged, we recommend you bring someone to assist you. It is unsafe to visit a stranger’s home when you are alone or without someone knowing your whereabouts. Know what you are doing, pre-empt the sale prior to arrival. What are you buying, how much you are paying and if there is anything else needed to complete the transaction. Universal Levels strongly state that if you arrive and the item is not as described or what you want, then speak up. Do not buy something you do not want. Sellers can relist their products, the worst they can do is leave you a bad review; communicate correctly and you may avoid this. You on the other hand cannot sell a faulty item. 
  5. If you want to buy based only on the item description and without viewing, this is risky. We have stated many reasons as to why we don’t suggest this type of sale. Yet if you have an eye for detail the risk might be worth it. Clues to quality of the item you want to buy may lie in the seller’s other items. What do they state the condition is for these items? Does the description match with the photos? Another tip is to look at the appearance of their house. Usually immaculate items come from pristine or well kept houses. Have they taken a photo of their ‘excellent condition’ item, but behind it is a mountain of junk and the carpet is dirty? This is indication that the item could possibly have a fault or not be described accurately. Take a risk it may pay off yet at the same time you could be at a loss.



Examples of How To Buy with Confidence


Do not be victim to a loss

Item for sale is described as immaculate -> The Seller has priced their items based on this description, they feel their item is worth this price ->You arrange a viewing -> At the viewing you find the item is damaged or broken -> You feel pressured to take it and pay the full asking price -> The seller is happy -> You get home and feel ripped off or disappointed with your sale -> You want to buy something else because what you have is not what you want -> You upload your items for sale -> You cannot list it as immaculate as you are aware of the damage and the buyers will also see it-> You will not be able to sell it for the price you paid as it is damaged  -> You lose out


 Or you could choose a different outcome to benefit you?

Item for sale is described as immaculate -> The Seller has priced their items based on this description, they feel it is worth this price ->You arrange a viewing -> At the viewing you find the item is damaged or broken -> You still like the items but rather than paying the full asking price, you negotiate a lower price -> Explain to the seller why you are requesting a reduced payment ->The seller may or may not accept -> If accepted, happy days and enjoy your bargain -> If not accepted, then do not feel compelled to buy it. Politely refuse the sale, thank the seller for their time and leave.


Or can you have the confidence to handle Seller Rejection?

Item for sale is described as immaculate -> The Seller has priced their items based on this description, they feel it is worth this price ->You arrange a viewing -> At the viewing you find the item is damaged or broken -> You feel that you could buy something better and do not want the item -> Explain to the seller why you are rejecting this sale -> Do not feel compelled to buy it. Politely refuse the sale, thank the seller for their time and leave.


Be a Savvy Second-hand Shopper

5 Tips on Decluttering after Christmas & The New Year. Just in time for your January Clear Out or The Big Spring Clean.

Our S**T (AKA ‘ST’) List will always represent a list created by impulse. Each week Universal levels throw ideas into a hat and we pick one. This is what we write for you.

This week we could not have picked a more apt subject, ‘Decluttering’. This is a subject of ST; ST you have stored in your cupboards or ST occurring with your partner because you haven’t decluttered the ST. Whichever way you look at the subject matter, Decluttering is something you love or hate. We at Universal Levels have clear views on clutter and we have been throwing out the old. As such we want to give you our advice.


Five tips to help you declutter your home after the seasonal festivities

  1. We recommend you change the layout of your space at least once a year. We at Universal Levels arrange our homes and offices twice a year. Whether it is changing the position of our furniture or getting rid of everything and starting again. We believe by changing our living or working environments, every year, we are promoting a better wellbeing. Choose key rooms you function in daily; if they haven’t been altered in a while then now is the time.
  2. Work out exactly what you want to declutter in your space. Stand in middle of the room you want to change and absorb how the room will look completed. Work out your furniture by size; if you haven’t got a tape measure use your feet. Count the size of the item by walking its length or width and measure this against the space you want to move it to. Using your feet should give a rough measurement guide. Utilise space efficiently to create a new energy in your environment. At this point in change you may want to buy new accessories for your home or transform your feature wall.
  3. Now you know what you want to do, the next step is to get yourself prepared. That old saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, Universal Levels deem this as true. If you live minimal you may not need a lot of preparation tools. You will need the cleaning essentials and a few bin bags. If you like a heavily decorated home or tend to hold on to belongings, you will need some extra tools including the relevant cleaning materials. You may need some help, if so arrange someone to assist you. You should also invest in setting aside some time to sell any belongings you don’t need. You are sitting on currency. If it can’t be sold or given to charity, then you should throw it away. If you have too much paperwork, get rid of that ST if it’s outdated and file that ST to stay organised. Bin bags are an essential.
  4. Change your room section by section and logically approach each task. Create a relaxed environment to work in; background noise such as music is sometimes helpful or maybe watch a boot sale programme for motivation. Remember to be safety conscious. Lifting heavy loads can cause health implications. If you cannot move or lift something, ask for help. Do not feel frustrated if something doesn’t seem to go to plan. It will all slip into place and if it does not you will surely find another possibility. You are prepared for this declutter, enjoy it. Universal Levels suggest that you give yourself enough time for the job to be completed.
  5. Once you have decluttered your space and you feel it is how you want it, immediately use the space. Take some time to appreciate the hard work you have put into this change. Be proud of yourself. You have let go of ST, belongings and the energy you previously had in that environment. Universal Levels recommends adding a memento to the room to remind you of your diligence. You could use this as a self-help tool to stay motivated in your daily tasks. You may have supported a charity shop by giving them some of your old items, this is a fulfilling feeling. If you have sold some belongings, do not waste your money; put it towards creating memories. You are rewarding yourself with moments which will resonate in your energy. Love your new environment and we hope you feel a personal balance as we do each time we declutter.

thumbnail_image2 Drink Champagne and relax in your new space, may it be a positive enviroment for you.