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Westminster London United Kingdom – Really Why?

Universal Levels do not want to cause upset, offence or any hurt to those involved in the horrendous events that occurred yesterday. We express our deep condolences to those who experienced a loss. We also wish to send positivity and best wishes to those who have been hurt or emotionally scarred by the events. Stay together as a community and we will get through this.


Dear Government and T.May,

Just a few thoughts from normal people who live in London:

– Didn’t Parliament know that something was going to happen? That’s why you moved Scotland Yard right? It’s now situated on Parliment Square isn’t it? Wasn’t you going to put scaffolding up around your house this year? Our beautiful tourist attraction was going to be hidden wasn’t it? Hmmm all seems a bit fish to us.

– We do not mind you paying tribute to the police officer but this morning was cold! You mentioned the police officer numerous times in your speech, yet those innocent got mentioned purely by nationality. A police officer is paid to possibly be hurt, this does not take away from the loss of life and events. Yet they are trained for crisis. Give your unpaid people more respect, the civilians are not trained to deal with anything on this scale. They were possibly consumed taking pictures of our beautiful crime filled city. Why do they not receive the same respect as he who also died?

– If it is down to an extremist then why are you allowing them to be free? Come on now. A murderer is a murderer, and they get time in prison. That murderer may have been framed or acted in self defence. It could be their first real conviction yet they will go to prison. But you as a government let free people who you KNOW want to fuck up our country. In text slang “OMG WTF”.

– You have not changed the threat level to our country. Again “OMG WTF” if there is no threat what is all the commotion and terror talk about? That my dear Mrs May is a little confusing and contradictory bearing in mind London is worldwide news. A man who was previously involved in evil towards our country now actually attacks our country; that sound like a threat to us.

– How did the whole occurrence take so long to flag. They say it took 20 seconds to create all of that distress and havoc. We are pretty sure if a car was driving on a pavement in Tottenham or Lewisham, police would be all over it. Acting so fast before they even know what has occurred. Why in Westminister was this allowed to continue and become the disaster it was? Now you will increase the security in your estate whilst we are left unsafe if we reside outside the W1 postcode.

– Communities we urge you to stay united. Do not conform to racism or any hate crime. It is very easy to turn against each other due to race, class or nationality. Do not rise to this. We need to stick together. We also urge you to watch your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and think fast. It is a dangerous and volatile city we are living in. Communities and areas still support decisions not to report crime. They will not report incidents that happen on their doorsteps. This has to stop, let the police know if you deem activity to be dangerous or suspicious. You could save lives.

– One of our team believe that from writing such things as what we have we will be watched by the government. 1984 by George Orwell. So if you do read this, we are a team of bloggers merely writing a few views that have come up in discussions today. We support our country and believe that these attacks are dreadful. We appreciate our security, police force, system, shared values and way of life in the UK. We just wished that our world had more transparency and peace.





BURGER & LOBSTER REVIEW – But did you watch our Live Instagram Story or our YouTube Channel? Keep up to date

Think First Thursdays


Thursday 23rd Feb Universal Levels did not post an article. Instead we went LIVE on Instagram. We kept popping up and as such some of our followers we able to see us LIVE.

In regards to giving you some content; Recently we visited two locations for Burger & Lobster. Burger & Lobster is a chain food restaurant which opened in 2011. Literally all you will be eating is either a Burger or a Lobster; you can have both. We visted these restaurants for a team members birthday and for a quick-lunch. We visted their restaurant at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and Canary Wharf. Both resturants we found to be on par with each other. Good Choice!

Burger & Lobster Hints & Tips

  • Ask for the table of your choice. This restaurant has a quick turnover as such if you want a table for a special occasion we suggest booking first. Also don’t be afraid to tell the waiter where you want to sit.
  • If you don’t understand the concept of the restaurant then speak to your host. They are more than willing to assist. Even one staff member offered to aid us break our lobster.
  • Ask for your meal how you want it to be cooked. The staff will make a meal tailored to what you want. In addition all of our food changes were correct and we were highly satisfied.
  • The food comes in weights, if you are unsure ask what the meal is. Our tip is: the more weight in the food, the bigger the meal. It is possible for you to buy one larger sized portion and share it. Speak to a host to work out what is best for your party and they will help you out.
  • Take advantage of their Cocktail List. We throughly enjoyed our drinks and they complimented our meal. The range of drinks on their list is suitable. It accommodates for all drinkers, wether it be a drivers beverage or if you want to have a few tipples.
  • You can take a doggy bag home. We recommend doing so as the food still tastes great when you get it home. Even take it home for the pets. At the end of the day wasting food is not good, but to waste quality food is worse. It is better to take it with you incase you get peckish later on.
  • The price isn’t cheap but for what you receive it is worth it. We recommend at least £25-£30 per head. This gives you some room for extras and you possibly will be left with change.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Remember to keep looking out for our LIVE Videos and also keep watching our YouTube Channel.






A little change for this week! No doubt you are full & fat from Valentines so no food reviews today. Instead read our Top Seven Customer Musts…. (Although you might be hated by the owner)

Think First Thursdays

This week Universal Levels have tailored our content for Think First Thursdays. This week we have been to so many dining/drinking spots with our partners and family. Because or the service we received over this Valentines Period we feel that our Top Seven is necessary.

Eating Out or Drinking The Night Away?


  1. Service Charge. We are not paying it unless we want to. We will dictate to you what we feel the service is. Unless we are told on arrival or the menu is swarmed with service charge reminders; we are not paying. If you think that we are paying extra for a lazy waiter or poor food then think again. You may encounter problems at the venue when you request to take it off. Stick to your guns and explain the reasons why you refuse to pay it. We would rather tip our servers than tip the venue, at least this way these runners may feel job satisfaction. Thus delivering every service with the aim of getting a tip.
  2. If we want to change the menu, we will change the menu. If you cannot let us change it then we will leave. We will not sit in a restaurant that cannot change their food. It makes us question whether their food is fresh or even cooked properly. Your venue becomes a case for speculation as ALL venues should be able to cater to their customers needs. If we want no Mushrooms in our Spag Bowl then give us no Mushrooms. Do not tell us you cannot do this as we will leave.
  3. Try the Wine before you buy. If they cannot let you try it we suggest you do not buy their overpriced wine. Many restaurants choose a house bottle that tastes like vinegar. This toxic wine at approx. £8 a glass dampens the mood if given before a meal. Why drink chemical wine when you want a smooth quality Merlot? Do not do it! Request a sample of their wines and choose what you like. If the venue doesn’t accommodate then opt for the cheapest drink on the menu. The gross profit these places are getting from some of their wines is ridiculous. So the least they can do is offer you a teaspoon of wine to taste in the hope you will neck the whole bottle.
  4. Visit the toilets before placing your food order. If the venue cannot keep this area clean then you should think about the cleanliness throughout their establishment. Tell the restaurant about their dirty toilets; do they act on it or do they delay? Lets say they delay activating hygiene requests, then would they do the same with your food? When your cooked burger is dropped on the kitchen floor will the chef cook you a new one or serve you the same grime burger?
  5. As a host keep yourself clean. If you see your host and feel their hygiene is a problem then we suggest approaching the manager. We will change our server if we feel it is needed. Last week one waiter wiped his nose with the back of his hand and then came straight to us with our food. We refused to eat the food, discussed what had occurred with a manager and left the venue. We dread to think if he washed his hands after his toilet break. Another lady waitress was twirling her hair over the salad bar; by the time we were finished with the venue every salad bowl was changed. If you are clean and tidy why would you eat from dirty people? You wouldn’t.
  6. Request where you want to sit. We hate being sat in an area for the benefit of a restaurant. Do not place us at the window when you are empty; we are not here to advertise your food. Do not tell us we are sitting in an area with no ambience. Do not tell us that our romantic meal will take place on the table next to three children. We  will choose where we sit and if your reason is valid as to why we cannot sit there, we will accept this. Yet if you are fobbing us off and refuse to seat us where we want then we will leave. You have the right to enjoy your meal to the fullest and feel satisfied with every aspect of your visit.
  7. Anything you receive that does not taste right, is undercooked, is not what you asked for, etc, etc. Then speak up. If you do not tell the management or server then you must have money to waste. Why burn currency on a meal that is not want you wanted? If we ask for a rare steak and you send it well done, then you will get that steak back. We heavyily suggest you deploy manners as your food will be prepared again by the staff. So if you talk to them disrespectfully then expect a case of food-borne illness the next morning. We cannot see what happens in a kitchen, we trust them to feed us; yet I am not trusting a chef I just annoyed to feed me a meal like its my last.


Universal Levels have stopped our rant at seven key points. However we feel in the hospitality sector you could write a much longer list. It is apparent from our team discussions 50% of us were not fully satisfied with our Valentines venues. We want you to remember that you have a voice. The money you are spending is YOURS and not the restaurants until the bill arrives. You cannot leave without paying as that is a crime; however we happily accept free drinks, a reduction on our bill or even a voucher. Take charge of your satisfaction.


This Valentines you can’t get a booking in your Trendy Italian, then the Indian is fully booked, no stress let us go to the pub…


Universal Levels are aware that many people may not be able to visit there local Niche restaurant over this upcoming week. When Valentines Day falls midweek we see a surge of restaurant bookings the weekend before and after. As such this weekend could prove to be busy as it is the closet weekend to the day of Love. Some of us have booked into our Trendy dining spots but then others have opted for good old chain food. As such we have brought you our Three Best MPO’s to dine at this Valentines.


MPO’s (Multiple Pub Operators)

Universal Levels say that these type of venues are hit and miss. JD Wetherspoon and Stonegate operate continuity in their sites. As such if you receive a poor service it is probably the fault of the staff. Food Quality is also dependant on the site you visit. A MPO such as Charles Wells, Enterprise Inns and Thorley Taverns will operate their sites differently. No two venues operate the same and when visiting these sites you may see differences. Do not be alarmed, these MPO’s do not intend to be JD Wetherspoon or Stonegate.

When visiting a MPO there is a level of quality and customer service. The experience you receive is what a Pub Operator wants you to receive. They design their venues for customer pleasure. As such there can be a variety in MPO venues dependant on the area they are located.  We recommend reading reviews on the pub you want to visit. The likelihood is it will give you a reflection of what to expect. For example, some areas have more than one site and we feel that usually the service/quality differs; one is better than the other. Call and book ahead of your visit. Chain Pubs are busy and around times of occasions they become busier. You do not want to be disappointed, so book early and arrive a minimum of ten minutes before your book. This way you can be seated without rushing.


JD Wetherspoon

JD Wetherspoon is an MPO for a quick meal on a budget. If you are familiar with these pubs you will know for under £15 you are likely to receive a meal, drink and even a desert. We are selective when dining in these venues. We choose certain times, as we are aware that the demand for this food service can prove popular. JD Wetherspoon are also promoting gift cards for Valentines; maybe that’s a gift idea sorted. We recommend The Dragon Inn, Birmingham, UK. We ate here recently and the food was good value. We also found that it was cooked better than some of the JD Wetherspoon sites we have previously visited.


Stonegate Pubs have a number of venues. They have created different themed venues to cater for us all. You are bound to find what you want if you visit one of their sites. We compare Stonegate’s Slug & Lettuce or Yates to JD Wetherspoon. They similarly have quick service, great value, easy serve food and drink options. If you want something a little bit more traditional opt for Stonegate’s Proper Pubs or Classic Inns. For a twist or trendy option then visit their Common Room sites; we are a fan of these. They have a modern feel and a suited to what we need. We recommend The Penny Theatre, Canterbury, UK. They have bubbly staff who will accommodate for your drink and food needs.


Charles Wells Pubs have venues located across the country and even out in France. With over 200 pubs you can filter your search to find what you want. We recommend The Castle, Bedford, UK. This venue is a Hotel and Pub/Restaurant. The venue has a friendly ambience and you feel very comfortable. The food is quality and well cooked. Charles Wells Pubs have in our experience have friendly owners. Each site is different and operates as an independent venue. As such do not expect the same continuity that you have with the other MPO’s. However Charles Wells Pubs promotes excellent experiences and good people.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Maybe you may consider a Pub rather than a restaurant this Valentines day.


Currency, Hustles and Luxe. A little money goes a long way in Forge.

Universal Levels want to assist with your lifestyle. Think First Thursday’s promotes places to go out. Is it a night out you want or something for the daytime? Every week we will post our top place to visit. 



Forge, 24 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND

Day or Night the ambience of this venue is soothing. You feel as if you are in a secret luxury resort. Stepping in from the bustle of  the streets and the hustles of London, we love Forge. Universal Levels pounded the streets of London, zig zag footwork and avoiding the ‘glued to smartphone’ pedestrians. If we then discuss the London traffic, you are amongst the city. So to enter a venue that is peaceful, serene and calm is a nice feature. At night this venue is still alive with energy and luxe.

Why we recommend this venue: 

  • Staff at this venue are pleasant and friendly. They are helpful and as a customer you feel welcome. Staff are clean, smartly dressed and have a polite etiquette.
  • The food is great. You can have light bites or a full meal. Whichever you fancy you won’t be disappointed. The prices are very low for the quality of your food. For example half a chicken, chips, slaw and corn is £11.50. A little more than the usual chicken diner, however we prefer eating at Forge.
  • The drinks selection and quality is good. Reasonable prices is comparison to some London sites. We like to make an occasion when we visit. This way we feel satisfied with our spends and feel an extra added value to our visit. On a Monday you can buy a £15 for a bottle of Prosecco. Universal Levels feel this is a Merchant Monday’s deal. Also Forge offers 2 for 1 cocktails everyday between 5-7pm.
  • They hold different events, each one caters for consumer enjoyment and a memorable evening. You can also hire the space for events. Closing times differ dependant on the day you visit. Universal Levels always advise booking to go out. This way you are secure in your visit going ahead. Forge make this easy, access their website for more details.
  • Forge Champagne Towers; one for you to discuss and enjoy amongst your friends.
  • You can tailor your visit dependant on time. If you want a quieter visit we don’t suggest going there on Friday night. It is like anywhere in London; the closer it is to the weekend, the busier the venues are. Every time we have visited we find the surrounding company pleasurable.
  • There is no official smoking area, thus smoking takes place on the street. Universal Levels noticed that our smokers intake less when visiting this venue. Winning for our teams health, the environment, our street cleaners and hopefully there is less bin fires.


Universal Levels hope you enjoy your visit to Forge. Do not only visit once, but visit a few times to see the diversity of the venue. One day have a lunch date and then another day visit and let your hair down. We thank Forge for attending to us when we have visited. We will always return; your hospitality is superb.


For more information about Forge please visit their website:


Where to eat? Let us visit Kent for some Dim Sum and Carrot Juice @misonoodlebar #kent


As we are fast approaching Valentines Day, going out is a key subject on our list. We, Universal Levels, are a team who prepare for Valentines Day. We have had numerous discussions about what theatre show to see or where to eat. One of the team recently took us for a meal in Beckenham, Kent. It was a quick stop off, after a liquid lunch with the aim to get in some carbs and sober us up.  We visited Miso Noodle Bar. Some of us at Universal Levels have visited Miso since their launch in 1999. So we felt it was fitting to support their brand and business in Think First Thursdays.

If you know South London and Kent you may remember the chain Tai Won Mein, there are still a few of these remaining. Miso at first feels very similar in regards to seating and table layout. The same Wagamama style of seating designed for speed of service. Unlike many of these fast service restaurants Miso operates differently. They appeal to customer service and are happy for you to take your time. We have never felt pressured or rushed to have to leave. To be honest we think they are happy for you to continue to buy their slightly expensive soft drinks or wine.

Miso Noodle Bar is classed a Pan Asian Cuisine. To the average Joe, Chinese or Thai food; we would say closer to Chinese food. They operate four restaurants based in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon and their latest restaurant in Orpington. Their customer service is exceptional and they will assist you with anything you may need. If you want to know more information about a meal, ask a staff member. They are helpful and friendly; they want you to enjoy your meal. We do not scrimp when we visit Miso, rather we treat ourselves. A mellow setting and the ability to relax. We opt for sides, mains, drinks and deserts.


Universal Levels Hints & Tips for Dining at Miso Noodle Bar

  • You can visit Miso for a quick lunch, a special occasion or for a meal prior to a night out.
  • Miso is quick service food but it is good quality. The food served is always cooked fresh. It is possible to edit your meal to suffice any dietary requirements.
  • Sides are delightful. We suggest you save room for these and your meal. Also if you like a doggy bag, Miso is your place; we always leave with one when we visit.
  • Universal Levels suggest that if  you are not that hungry then jump straight to the mains. Miso main courses are large and you will leave satisfied.
  • Prices may seem high but it is worth it. Quality food for a good price alongside reputable customer service. Prices could be compared to a large McDonalds meal. Universal Levels will always choose to spend our money in Miso rather than MackieD’s.
  • Miso is available for takeaway and Deliveroo. We advise calling up for your takeaway so you don’t have to wait for too long. Parking is not the greatest yet if you call up you may be able to judge it right you may be able to pull up close or outside. Stop for a minute and collect your meal, but be prepared to dash before you get caught by a parking enforcement officer. We advise to park properly as you don’t want a parking ticket for a £20 takeaway. You are also able to order your food ready for Lunch. So if you fancy a hearty meal on your lunch break Miso is a great choice.
  • All soft drinks are quality, including the water. Fruit juices are freshly made and we recommend the carrot juice.
  • Miso sell merchandise, so if you wish to take a memento home you can buy sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball caps.


Universal Levels want to thank Miso Noodle Bar for serving us with a smile and always accommodating our needs. We think your food is great and hope that your continue to grow as a chain.

For more information please visit

We have Smokers, those Smoking E-Cigs or Vaping, Ex Smokers with no aid and those who have never touched any Tobacco related products. So lets talk Hookah aka ‘Shisha’…

‘Think First Thursday’s’

We would like to suggest two Shisha Café recommendations. Shisha is a growing trend and we advise visiting multiple Cafes; each venue operates with different standards. We have visited many Shisha Venues in the past year. We have visited cafés in Dagenham, Edgware Road, Clapham, Reading, Brighton and Margate. Every café is different in service standards, food quality, Shisha Menus and their other offerings. If you search the internet you will find many more Cafés across the country.

Two venues Universal Levels recommend to visit if you want to smoke Shisha in London

  • Both venues have a food menu and operate a no alcohol policy.

1: Basrah Lounge, W3 0SL

  • Located on an industrial estate in Park Royal.
  • The Shisha quality here is good. You will receive well prepared and quality Shisha.
  • Basrah Lounge is extremely large. This venue is our choice for special occasions, larger social gatherings or simply to have more space. We have always been seated.
  • Very inviting on arrival. The décor is close to authentic and the ambience is exotic.
  • Warmer than some Shisha Cafes.
  • You will have to pay up front when your order.


2: Mevali Shisha Bar, SE10 9BJ

  • Located at the back of a restaurant in the heart of Greenwich.
  • We highly recommend Mevali Shisha Bar for Shisha. The taste and quality will send you into supreme tranquillity.
  • Small Smoking Area, less than 20 tables to smoke at. You may not get a table. You may have to wait for  table. You may possibly be asked to share a table with others. Depending on your social tolerance you can make your choice.
  • Booths are cosy and you can feel at ease; feeling of privacy.
  • Outdoors is heated appropriately and it is acceptably warm.
  • One of the rare places you can pay for your Shisha and food at the end of your visit.




Visiting a Shisha Café? Universal Level’s Hints & Tips

  • Most Shisha Venues operate a no alcohol policy. This is due to the customs and practices associated with the origins of this smoking activity. Seating is usually located in a garden or terrace area; complying with smoking rules and regulations.
  • Call ahead of your visit. Check to see if they are offering Shisha, if they are serving food, what time they will be closing and if you can pre book a table.
  • If you want to eat and smoke after, make this request the moment your are seated or when you order. Otherwise you may receive your Food and Shisha at the same time.
  • Shisha Menus have different pricing structures. You will usually have different types of tobacco or additions to add to your smoking experience. Some Cafes request payment at the time of ordering, this is a normal practice in many venues of this type. Request a receipt if you need a breakdown of your order; we recommend this.
  • When choosing a flavour look for what you like. If you don’t like coconut then don’t smoke a pipe flavoured of coconuts. The staff will happily help you make your choice.
  • If you see terms as Starbuzz, Ice Pipe, Fruit head, and more. These are add-ons. You can enhance the taste of your pipe by adding extras. For example Starbuzz is a different type of tobacco; one which is said to be more premium. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff about flavour choices, extras or anything else Shisha related.
  • When your Shisha Pipe is presented to you. Don’t touch the vase, only touch the hose. The staff will attend to it. If you need something ask the staff. Shisha Pipes are a fire hazard as there is hot coal burning tobacco at the top of the pipe. It is best to ask those in charge if you have a problem.
  • You will receive mouth pieces/tips. Add these to the end of the hose and smoke using them. It is in the purpose of hygiene.
  • The staff will begin to smoke your Shisha, this we call ‘Breaking your pipe’. This is done as the coal heats the tobacco. This is when you break in the taste of the flavour. If you know how to do this you can request to start it yourself.
  • Do not inhale, you will cough so have a drink to hand. It is not a smoke competition. Yes the bigger clouds look great but start slowly if you are smoking Shisha for the first time.
  • If your smoking experience becomes harsh we advise you to call a member of staff. You may need your coal changed, smoke may need to leave the pipe or the tobacco may be burnt. Usually burnt means your pipe is finished. Staff will assist you.
  • Smoke on your own or between friends. We recommend to share with friends but it is not uncommon to see solo smokers. Enjoy some time to relax over Shisha.


Universal Levels want to cater to a diverse audience. Every Week Think First Thursdays brings you different content. Just before the weekend read our Article for an hint of where to go.
 Visit our website and sign up to our email updates; be the first to read.





Shall we board the Yacht or have Pizza & Popcorn? Canary Wharf, London Nights Out!

Universal Levels dined in two venues on a Tuesday night. We would like to give you our recommendation as an option for a Night Out.

Universal Levels will go back to Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf, because our whole consumer experience (plus more) was appealed to.


Universal Levels Night Out Recommendation

Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf

Crossrail Place Level 2, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AR

Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf.

‘Think First Thursday’s’

We left another restaurant and some of our party still needed to eat. The chance of food at that time was in a different direction so we started to walk. Along our way, we were drawn into a large, glass building. The artwork inside was amazing. We realised that there was a cinema inside. We were only aware of a larger chain of cinemas being present in this area so we decided to look. Walking down the escalators you are greeted with a quirky ambience. A fresh and light energy, and very calm.

We entered the Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf and it was empty, we asked about buying food and the staff advised that they will be closing the kitchen in 30 minutes. Yet, they were not despondent, they were more than happy to accommodate us. We chose our food From The Kitchen and ordered some popcorn. You could smell the Popcorn from the roadside, so fresh, maybe that’s what lured us into the building. Ordering soft drinks, alcohol, popcorn and bar bites, we were happy with our choice of venue for the remainder of our evening.

Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf has a décor which is unique. Make sure you have your camera, you can capture some impressive memories in here. Each table is presented with related information and menus. A great deal of attention has been given to their setting. It’s refreshing to visit an immaculate place and sit with ease. We were given our smooth tasting Mojitos and Fruit Juice (for the drivers). Following this the staff appeared with our Margarita Pizza and Mozzarella Garlic Bread. This was extremely good value for the quality and size. Compliments to the chef.

We could relax without any pressure or time restrictions; this is nice to see in a built-up area. We finished our stay but prior to leaving had to look at their cinema screens. WOW! Great, Niche. Comfortable seating and the ability to integrate dining and viewing. Enquire with the venue for more details.

Amongst the above we must state that the staff working that night were brilliant. Friendly and accommodating; we received such a warm welcome. They were very informative regarding how we could plan our next visit. Our stay was blissful even when other customers entered the building the ambience stayed the same.


Great Food, Nice drinks, Excellent Staff.

Good Value for Money for the area it is located.

Cosy place to chill out, enjoy with friends and family. Good Date Night Venue.

Luxury Cinema in an inviting setting; larger, premium seating.

We are going to visit again and watch a film; we will update you about this experience in the near future.

Universal Levels suggest this venue, Everyman Cinema Canary Wharf, as a part of your 2017 plans.


Weekday entertainment and socialising is serener in Canary Wharf. Dependent on the time you arrive you will mingle with business men, business women, shoppers, tourists and everyone has a purpose. A little later into the evening many people are drinking, dining or taking pictures of the view.
After 10pm the area becomes ‘Canary Wharf After Dark’ a setting silent and mysterious. At this time you can really take in the areas attractiveness. You can pick up pace if you are in a hurry, yet if you want a romantic stroll there are some suburb spots. Canary Wharf is worth visiting Christmas 2017. Their 2016 display ‘Winter Lights’ was peaceful and a calming walk through. ‘Winter Lights’ is somewhere to take a moment to reflect on life. Listen to the water, watch the lights and take even just five minutes to yourself. Beautiful settings.


Universal Levels would advise you to find further information on the area , Canary Wharf,