Below are our Terms & Conditions for Buying WWWW Levels and Only You Levels:

Updated: 22/02/2017


·         We will refuse to promote any people, businesses or sites that promote negativity, hate crime, ASBO behaviour, racism, XXX and many more. If your page will cause offence, then we suggest that you contact us Universallevels@outlook.com before purchase. We offer no refunds when you buy Levels as such if we think your content Is unacceptable you will lose your money.

·         Buy a WWWW Level only if you want to promote a genuine interest for Universal People. Promote your business, blogging, beauty, style, attraction. If your content is acceptable we will promote you. If you wish to remain Anonymous please buy an Only You Level, we can add you location if desired. This is a one-off payment which will be used to promote our blog growth. It will be used for marketing and to enhance content for our readers.

·         When buying your level if you can include a reference please include your Level Choice. When you have brought your Level, you will be taken to a page for further details. You can see this page here: READ. All information needs to be sent via email within 48 Hours of your purchase, otherwise we will not be able to promote you. Please send your email ASAP. universallevels@outlook.com

·         Following your email, we will contact you within 72 Hours with all details of your Levels Purchase. Here we will confirm what we will be using to promote you. If you have opted for a WWWW Level, you consent to us using your information given by yourself for the duration of your Level purchase and terms in this email. An Only You Level will not be promoted.

·         Shoutout: We will @ you in our comments section.

·         Tag: We will @ you in our comments section and tag you in a Universal Levels picture.

·         We have the rights to remove any of your promotion when we want; if you content fails to meet our T&C in the duration of your Level. Otherwise we hope to drive interest and traffic for you.

·         WWWW Level Two Website Promotion: no links to your urls and social media will be added. Your name and details will be posted only.

·         WWWW Level Three Website Promotion: Your name and details will be posted. You will also be able to send us one URL which we will link to your information. This URL can be accessed via our website users. The picture used to promote you will need to be vetted and you can submit up to three for us to choose from. All pictures will be edited to match our style; however, we will not take away from your quality.

·         After your Level is finished we will email you to let you know it has expired. You can always purchase another Level again and we will continue to promote you or feed it into our business.

·         Universal Levels will hold monies by Generous Contributors Only You Levels for 180 days prior to spending. Totals will assist Universal Levels to increase consumer experience in addition to contributing to Charity. We will use 20% to give back to Charity or community projects. This will be showcased on the Generous Contributors Page. You will see 180 day totals on this page.

·         These Terms & Conditions may change. If you buy Levels please check these regularly.

·         If you have any other questions before buying please contact us. universallevels@outlook.com